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モニスタ ラッシュ a matures


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Dec 20, 9 1. I believe it is in one of the menus for CGs or Scenes. Rawr Tentacle God Feb 19, Sep 22, 5, What is the best way to fill the bar tho? I only keep on slamming her to the walls with the rocket movement type panel trap wwwww.

Elarithon Demon Girl Pro "モニスタ ラッシュ a matures" 20, Apr 24, It's one of the options when モニスタ ラッシュ a matures a new game actually. Dec 17, Is it a tower defense or something? I watched the promo video on the dlsite page but no idea still. Sep 28, 1 0. Its some kind of dungeon keeper game. You "モニスタ ラッシュ a matures" a bad guy, and have to defeat the princess by placing traps or something. But i dont seem to be able to defeat her.

She just slides around or gets stunned for a while by my traps. Mobs also just seem to slow her down for a while, then some numbers appear but i dont know what they mean. Anyone willing to help, i am able to combine traps. But it doesnt seem to do anything. The folder seems to have a webpage with a guide, but it only shows gibberish, like so: If you can explain how to play the game, or how to fix the readme i'd be very gratefull!

Rin-Kin Newbie Mar 23, Mar 2, 3 1. Goal is usually locked under the door. To open the door girl have to collect the key. Named traps are summoned by you on ocult pentogram symbols in the dungeon.

To summon thease traps you need to spend energy from yellow bar that is filled by luring girl into long chain combos ended with the fight or preset traps, or summoned traps if you already had some energy to set them up.

Up until around level 6 the game is pretty linear. Later you get branching options. As i understand the game is still in development, they add new options and changing interface a bit with each patch. Potato Demon Girl Pro Mar 24, Jan 7, Apr 8, 0. Rawr Tentacle God May 19, Since you downloaded it from somewhere else, which version is it? Basically you have a trap menu that's something like this.

I've noticed that it seems to instantly detonate bombs though when I used it. Trap combinations that I've discovered are as follows. Mystic Girl Sep 14, Jun 30, Aug 5, 1 1.

年8月27日 [RPG] [モニスタラッシュ / a...

モニスタ ラッシュ a matures Jun 21, 4 0. Aug 2, Is anyone doing an eng translation for this game? I seem to misunderstanding something about the summoning circles, I only ever get the traps that don't do anything. Now i'm on the 4th floor, is it because i'm not far enough in the game? Aug 12, 1 0. Really dig the previous one. Feb 27, 76 0. Find keys, activate stuff, find new key that didn't exist beforeactivate new stuff, repeat until reaching the goal.

You need to fill the jauge I don't know if it's the points, the combos or the multpliers that does it above the bar, activate the pentagram click on it and walk on it. How do do it: If the heroine is in a chain, she will activated all the trap on his path except the delayed, you just remove the delay the first time you go on it.

You will not skip the turn right, you will move of 1 then turn right You can't continue a chain on another モニスタ ラッシュ a matures Combo: I am pretty sure that it's モニスタ ラッシュ a matures bug that each new combo has the points of the precedent combos added When you reach a monster, 2 number show up: The green number show 4 but you still only receive 30 points Complete trap functions: A trap in the process of fusing can fuse with a trap active.

Stun for 1 turn can't be part of a chain, it stops the chain useful to let time to trap to be active 8: Need 2 turn to be ON Example: If 3 of these where activated at some point in a chain, a simple move 1 increase the multiplier by 7 Now comes the fusion: Turn then move of 2 cases. Take 1 turn to be ON. Teleporter then move of 1 case in the same direction that you entered. You put the exit only work one way. Only 1 may exist at the same time and disappear if you exit the screen. Multiply by 20 the multiplier.

Stun for 5 turns the offical site is wrong, it's 5 turns not 4. Multiply by 5 your multiplier. Take 3 turn to be ON. If the exit point is on another screen or in a wall, the heroine doesn't move, breaking the chain. You need to continue the chain directly on the exit point. Powerful but cost too much 20 mana モニスタ ラッシュ a matures total Other things: Sometimes, when a monster is killed, they drop a chest. Because of the two bad items holy shield and talisman that have pretty bad effects, I recommend to use as little as possible of monsters.

You can find chest already on the map. The loot is fixed too. You can find a B lower the bar on the jaugea P Blue orbs: You can sometimes see blue orb on a map.

Title: [モニスタラッシュ / a Matures]...

If you trash them 4 you get mana it's said on the site, but I think it's just Confused heroine: It's showed by the question marks above her head. After that, use basic move and turn 1, 2 and 3 upgrade them one time if "モニスタ ラッシュ a matures" have enough mana. If you have enough time, put a teleporter at the end even if it's just to move of 1 case. Then start the chain.

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So I suppose you recover MP but I don't see how it work. Some wall seems to be destroyable but I have no idea how to do it. Seems モニスタ ラッシュ a matures it's just because the map is reused later with newly opened passage and other closed off. Lerianis Demon Girl May 2, Jul 10, 65 8. The CG is good but the game itself is overly repetitive from game to game to game. (同人ゲーム) [モニスタラッシュ/a Matures] 目覚めたら、ボクが可愛い女の子. Category: Art - Games. Uploaded by: れんちょん.

(同人ゲーム)[][モニスタラッシュ / a Matures] サクリファイスメイズ~性神の...

Website Link: N/A. Hash. [H-Game][ADV] [モニスタラッシュ - a Matures] 爆乳熟女なビッチ管理人さんと付き合う ことになった結果wwwwww - [Morning Star Rush - a Matures] The Fruits of. 年8月29日 [Morning Star Rush / a Matures] OPPAINVADER / [モニスタラッシュ / a Matures] OPPAINVADER~学園まるごと脱衣解除! 3 Replies.

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