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You re sexy and i know it


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"Sexy and I Know It"...

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Sexy And I Know It. Sorry For Party Rocking. Maximum Hit Music 01 The Hits Of Autumn Het beste uit de Q-music Millennium Top vol. Hit Box 3CD - Fiesta vol. Black Winter Party You re sexy and i know it Best Of - Now That's What I Call Het beste uit de Top van het foute uur MNM - Het beste van de teens Combine the horrible lyrics they would've come up with.

Lucky it never happened! Ik kon er de humor wel van in zien. I hope I don't see or have to listen to this shameful piece of generic, distasteful, disposable, basic horseshit anytime in the future. Und das wird als Musik bezeichnet. My mental state was clearly very questionable then Maar de radio verpestte het door het te veel keer te draaien Ook deze werd een hit in "Vlaanderen"!!

Ein sehr geschmackloses Video gabs auch noch zu bewundern! And there were far superior songs at 2 that could of not made this hit 1 We Found Love especially. One of the worst songs to reach number 1 in Australia ever. Not only the worst 1 of both andit's also the worst song to go 1 in Australia ever.

Just hate it so much. I cringe every time I hear this. Awful lyrics, awful vocals, annoying beat and an awful and disgusting film clip that has scarred me for life.

And I hate that stupid verse where they just say wiggle. I hate the You re sexy and i know it that this went to 1 for 9 weeks, let alone charted in the top altogether.

Also it stopped "We Found Love" from getting 1, which is just unforgivable. I know this is just a condensed version of my review, but I didn't want to waste my time writing more about this awful song. I've thought long and hard about it but it's truly the worst song I've ever heard and I never desire to hear it again. D 7 bei meinen Jahrescharts Stefan en Skyler kunnen niet meer normaal door de straten lopen, zonder bestormd te worden gillende pubermeisjes.

Hun 3de zet moest de doorslag geven voor ongekend succes, en het is ze gelukt met hun tweede megahit 'Sexy And I Know It'. Hoewel ik wel houd van dit soort rock muziek, gemengd met dance, vind ik dit nummer inmiddels zo zwaar op de maag.

Letra e música de “Sexy...

Het constante 'look at that body' begint zwaar te irriteren, waardoor de luisteraar soms hoopt op een einde, maar dat toch niet krijgt, doordat Stefan en Skyler gewoon doorgaan met hun gekheid en natuurlijk alles uit de kast halen.

Een geweldig liedje om iemand mee te irriteren of een grapje te maken. Deze stoppen we bij de nummers zoals 'Sexbomb' van Tom Jones en nog vele anderen verschrikkelijke nummers die bijna humoristisch zijn. Stefan en Skyler halen alles uit de kast, maar hun album verdwijnt er over 1 jaar weer helemaal achterin.

Was bin ich froh, dass es zu meiner Zeit noch besseres gab. Der Clip dazu ebenfalls ganz schlimm. Dit You re sexy and i know it we toch niet serieus. Nothing I will remember in a few months. Hate it with all my heart. The clip has scarred me for life. Da war selbst die Chartmusik in den 90ern weniger peinlich.

That clip is cringeworthy. But this is still poor. Diese ekelhaften Typen sind echt zum Kotzen: Das Lied ist purer Dreck!!

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It shouldn't be charting at all, let alone so high up! Puts a perspective spin on the cliched chicks wearing next to nothing in film clips, well done LMFAO. Peaked at 2 on my personal chart. Es geht ins Ohr und verfolgt mich: Not as good as the first two singles but still alright. Hopefully You re sexy and i know it is not a serious song. Y el videoclip es genial. So schlimm finde ich es gar nicht mal. Aufgrund des Prollo-Videos nur eine gute 2.

Ik ben dan misschien homo, de perikelen in de video vind ik dus absoluut niet smakelijk! Gelukkig hebben we het nummer nog, want dat is gewoon weer een lekker catchy danceplaatje. Dit is nog erger. Ich warte die ganze Zeit das der Song ausbricht aber das tut er nicht.

Schitterende videoclip, is You re sexy and i know it onsmakelijk ja, maar zo geweldig grappig! Deze hit gaat zeker groot worden!!!!!!!!!!! En een verdiende geslaagde opvolger. Pity the filmclip is a major overshare You re sexy and i know it ruins any humour they were going for. Starts off tolerable but justs ends up annoying. Is not a memorable 1 at all, Top 5? Shun me if you please.

PRA has totally pissed me off coz it wont leave the charts! Growing on me now, 4. After Party Rock Anthem which was really their first main single and I loved itthey've released this and Champagne Showers, which have been terrible. The annoying lyrics "I'm sexy and I know it" and then the background lyrics of "I work out" would be enough to drive you up the wall.

Just saw the music video - Yeah, terrible and embarrassing. Can't believe that I'm saying this, but I'm actually enjoying this now. Prefer this song more though. What was I thinking. Trashy and they know it. Oh know it's 1 in Oz: Oh dear, I'm scarred for life thanks to the disturbing video. Downhill from Party Rock Anthem, and really awkward 1. Damn, the more I listen to this, the more I like it: Besides Party Rock Anthem, none of their music has appealed to me! And now it's become popular and hits 1.

This is utter BS. I actually find it awesome now. This is what is wrong with mainstream music. Songs dedicated to sex with computerised, overproduced and ringtone-sounding beats. There's nothing about this that's redeemable, the film clip makes this an open-and-shut case.

Yeah Yeah When I walk on by Girls be looking like damn he fly I pimp to the beat Walking down the street in my new LaFreak, yeah This is how I roll Animal print.

Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. Sexy is you want attention and you gotta have moves. You gotta. Sexy and I Know It Songtext von LMFAO mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Everybody stops and they starin' at me.