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How to get rid of bumps on penile head


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White bumps on the penis may be pimples caused by acnepearly penile papules, or bumps called Fordyce spots. However, white spots can also be caused by some sexually transmitted diseases STDs and may require treatment.

This article will look at some possible causes and treatments of whiteheads and other bumps on the penis. Whiteheads are a common form of acne. They are more common in areas of skin with lots of pores, such as the face, chest, and back, but can also occur on the penis.

They are more common on the base or the shaft of the penis. Whiteheads develop when a pore becomes clogged with the skin's natural oil, called sebum, along with sweat, dead skin, or other debris. When bacteria get into the pore, they can cause inflammation and small, fleshy-white rounded bumps. These spots are harmless. They usually go away on their own and should not cause any significant discomfort.

Whiteheads on the penis are easily misidentified, and bumps on or around the penis may be something different. In some cases, they could be a sign of an underlying health condition that requires treatment. Alongside whiteheads, potential causes for bumps on the penis include:. Pearly penile papules are small, fleshy bumps that usually develop in rows around the head of the penis. It is not clear what causes them, but they have no other symptoms and do not pose a health risk.

These bumps usually develop after puberty and may occur in between 14 and 48 percent of males. Fordyce spots are small, yellow-white bumps that develop on various parts of the body. They are common on the lips or inside the cheek, but may also form around the head or shaft of the penis.

Fordyce spots are oil glands that do not have hair follicles, as most other oil glands do. They may be "How to get rid of bumps on penile head" for a symptom of a STD, but they are harmless and usually do not have any symptoms. Tyson glands are small sebaceous glands that can form on either side of the How to get rid of bumps on penile head, which is the elastic tissue that connects the foreskin to the head of the penis.

These are also completely normal. Ingrown hairs can develop in any area where hair grows, including the pubic area. They occur when a hair grows back into its follicle, causing itchy, red bumps to develop.

Lumps and bumps on your...

They can be painful or uncomfortable but are not serious. Most ingrown hairs will go away on their own, but sometimes they can become infected. A person can remove the hair from its follicle using a sterilized pin or tweezers before applying an antibacterial cream. Skin tags are small, soft skin growths.

Other reasons for pimple-like bumps...

These are more common in middle-aged males and are not a cause for concern. Molluscum contagiosum is a contagious skin infection that causes clusters of small, firm bumps to develop on the skin.

These lumps have a small dimple in the middle, and so they can be identified from other conditions. They can occur on or around the penis and can sometimes be itchy. This condition often clears up on its own, but in some cases, it may require treatment using creams or gels.

Lichen planus is a rash of purple-red bumps that can develop anywhere on the body, including the penis. The rash can be itchy and uncomfortable but does not always cause any symptoms. This condition may require treatment with a short course of steroid cream.

Some spots or bumps that develop on the penis are caused by a STD and will require treatment. Genital warts are a caused by a STD and may develop after a person has come into contact with the human papillomavirus HPV.

Genital warts appear as small, flesh-white bumps that grow on the shaft or head or the penis, or under the foreskin. Genital warts can disappear without treatment, but some cases require medication. Treatment for genital warts may involve using a cream to destroy the wart tissue, undergoing cryotherapy to freeze the wart off, or a combination of both. Syphilis can cause white or red ulcers to develop on or around the penis. Syphilis is a STD caused by coming into contact with the bacterium Treponema pallidum.

This bacterial infection requires treatment, which is often a single shot or a short course of antibiotics. If left untreated, it can pose a significant health risk. Genital herpes can cause How to get rid of bumps on penile head sores to form on or around the penis. These sores can be itchy and uncomfortable and may spread to other areas of the body. They are treated using antiviral medication, but the virus cannot be cured.

Whiteheads caused by acne do not usually cause other symptoms or pose a health risk, and so medical treatments are not required. Some OTC acne medications contain chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or exfoliants.

The skin of the penis is very sensitive, so anyone who notices irritation should stop using the How to get rid of bumps on penile head. Some home remedies, such as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, are too acidic for sensitive skin and people should not use them on the penis. If a person has bumps on their penis that get worse or do not go away by themselves, they should consult a doctor, as the bumps could be a sign of a more serious condition.

This is particularly important when the person is sexually active. If the bumps are itchy, painful, or occur with other symptoms, a person should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Can you get whiteheads on...

Until a doctor can confirm the cause of the bumps, a person should avoid sexual activity to reduce the chances of spreading an infection. Article last reviewed by Thu 22 March Visit our Men's Health category page for the latest news on this subject, or sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Men's Health.

All references are available in the References tab. Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree oil: A review of antimicrobial and other medicinal properties. Clinical Microbiology Reviews19 150— Complications related to pubic hair removal. Treatment of acne with tea tree oil melaleuca products: A review of efficacy, tolerability and potential modes of action.

International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents45— Multiple shiny papules on the shaft of the penis.

STD signs that get confused...

Indian Journal of Dermatology60 3 Penile appearance, lumps and bumps. Australian Family Physician42 5— Acne and its treatment options - A review [Abstract]. Syphilis — CDC fact sheet detailed. What is this lump on my penis?

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Register for a free account Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Register How to get rid of bumps on penile head the tour. Reviewed by Daniel Murrell, MD. Table of contents Whiteheads Other bumps Treatment When to see a doctor. White bumps on the penis may not always be whiteheads. Molluscum contagiosum is contagious, though it usually clears up on its own.

What you need to know about STDs. An unusual rash, bump, or growth on your penis may have infectious and non- infectious causes, including allergy and sexually transmitted. Pearly penile papules are small, fleshy bumps that usually develop in rows around the head of the penis.

It is not clear what causes. Other reasons for pimple-like bumps to acne. They do secrete oil that provides moisture to the penile head, however.

What should I get tested for? Find out what test is right for you using our personalized Test Recommender. Penis pimples can be caused by many conditions, not all of which are STDs. Learn the various types of pimples or bumps that can form on or around the penis. Some signs and symptoms of STDs can be mistaken for just being a pimple or ingrown hair at first. It isn't until symptoms escalate that individuals realize that there is more going on down there than a zit or two.

Because it is difficult to inspect the area by oneself, signs of an STD may go unnoticed or ignored. Genital herpes outbreaks cause cluster-like patches of blisters to occur that can be confused for pimples or acne.

Certain strains of HPV, human papillomavirus, can cause genital warts in the groin area. These warts are often first thought to be pimples by many patients. Other STDs can cause rashes, sores or lesions. Bumps and pimple-like lumps on the genitals, whether singular or a few, tend to cause alarm.

Why are there white bumps on my penis?

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  • Other reasons for pimple-like bumps to acne. They do secrete oil that provides moisture to the penile head, however. Lumps and bumps on your penis — while potentially alarming — are Medical treatment: Generally, you don't need medical treatment for this, as whitish or yellowish domes in rows around the glans (or head) of the penis.
  • Pearly penile papules are small, fleshy bumps that usually develop in rows around the head of the penis. It is not clear what causes.
  • Whiteheads on penis: Causes and treatment
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How to get rid of bumps on penile head

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How to get rid of bumps on penile head

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Whiteheads on Your...

The human papillomavirus HPV is a common infection affecting 1 in 4 U. A Fordyce spot is a visible sebaceous gland. Practicing safe sex can help prevent the spread of many diseases. Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree oil: As tempting as it may be, you should never pop penile pimples.

What should I get tested for?

Can an extremely cheap, stingy man ever change his ways? STD signs that get confused for penis pimples: They often are found in a ring around the sulcus coronarius (the edge of the head of the penis just above the shaft). Treatment with antibiotics is necessary as staph can spread and cause. Other reasons for pimple-like bumps to acne. They do secrete oil that provides moisture to the penile head, however..

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