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Craigslist fishing


We had no real idea what to expect on our trip as we had never used Fisherman's Choice and Ray Ray was the best. He hooked up us with fish right away, and kept things rolling right from the In Craigslist fishing to the company, only 2 of the hundreds of fishermen they clustered us with hooked anything. The guide was a personable guy who did his best.

However, he also told us he placed a CraigsList ad Craigslist fishing led to the job, and apparently he had 3 months of Alaskan Salmon fishing experience hwen he guided us.

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He complained about how the local fishermen we were mingling with hated fishing guides. That made us feel unwanted on the river. At one Craigslist fishing we passed another guided boat - that guide suggested we go to a spot called "Volkswagen", which I assume is guide-speak.

His group of about 6 had caught their limits and he was heading to drop them off at about 9AM. That must have been nice. We went down there and fished from shore for an hour or so wondering why we had not been down there "Craigslist fishing." The company's website vastly overstates their capabilities. They apparently have three guides, and ours had never fished for salmon when they hired Craigslist fishing from a Craigslist ad.

I have wanted "Craigslist fishing" fish Alaska for 42 years, and when I Craigslist fishing finally able to do so I used a company that hired a guy off the street to guide.

Hello William, I can assure that Craigslist fishing Capt. Joel is not "just some guy off the street". This is his first year with our company, but has been fishing Alaska 3 years prior.

Sorry that your experience was disappointing. Guide was disrespectful, confrontive, not very helpful with instructions and got extremely angry and challenging when anyone was struggling to reel fish in. He said that there were fish to be Craigslist fishing but all we caught was bright red fish that he said were no good and tossed them back in the river.

He was very rude, impatient and is clearly in the wrong line of work. Even with the lack of fish, this trip would have been so so. It was a horrible experience because of his really bad attitude!

When I spoke with your husband, when he booked the trip, i informed him that there were quite a few fish to catch, however, there might not be much, if any, that were in good shape to keep. As for the mosquitoes, I cannot control that. And the mosquitoes have nothing to do with the condition of the fish. Also, as i recall, i offered everyone on the boat bug spray and you didn't want any cause you didn't want to get the spray on your clothing.

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I don't think I was being rude, but dealing with a constant negative attitude was getting on everyone's nerves. And also, I Craigslist fishing that you caught quite a few fish, more than the other anglers. And my nickname is Lucky. For those who do not know much about the outdoors, some of the stories Craigslist fishing during the trip, by myself, may Craigslist fishing a bit overwhelming and a lot of this so called "BS" is a lot of information for those who have very little experience in the outdoors, such as yourself.

This is Alaska, not some fish pond, and since you live here, you might want to get some fishing clothing Craigslist fishing wear if you ever decide to go fishing again and leave your shiny boots at home.

We had no real idea what to expect on our trip as we had never used Fisherman's Choice and Ray before. We were in for a wonderful day! First of all the boat was right there, easy to get into, and comfortable. The boat ride down the winding Little Sue was beautiful.

We had sunshine for the first time in the week we had been in Alaska. Ray took us to our first spot and the first of us to put a line in the water hook a fish immediately. Then the next of us got one immediately.

We fished three spots and limited out. Ray was an excellent guide and fun to be with. Can't say enough good about this experience. Thank you Ray at Fisherman's Choice. It was a great day with great people.

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Thanks for coming fishing with us, we appreciate it. He hooked up us with fish "Craigslist fishing" away, and kept things rolling right from the start. He has been in Alaska fishing for a very long time and it shows. I came up from Oregon with a buddy and we really had a great time, he showed us around the river wildlife and then got us on the fish. We both limited out in just a couple hours, and enjoyed our time out on the river. When we were done he did an excellent job filleting Craigslist fishing catch and recommended a place in Anchorage to freeze and package and hold onto them for our trip back the following week.

It was a better experience than just going out in the Ocean or bay Craigslist fishing fish. I will be coming back in the future. Thanks for such and enjoyable trip! Glad we were able to give you a great experience.

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My wife and I have lived in Alaska for 50 years and have caught plenty of salmon, "Craigslist fishing" this latest trip with my brother and his wife from Montana,where we fished with Ray was one of the most fun times we've ever had fishing. Course it didn't hurt that the weather was nice with sun and no wind.

In fact he was so busy taking care of my brother's and my fish that the girls didn't even get a line in the water. So we sat down and let the girls fish.

We caught 6 in that hole and released two before moving on. Next hole same thing except this time the girls caught most of the fish. Pretty soon my brother and I and his wife had our limits, so we sat down and watched my wife fish. All of hers she had to release because they had turned red.

Finally she caught 3 nice silvery ones and a 20" rainbow, which Ray promptly released. All in all it was a great day. Ray was very professional and was very knowledgeable about the river and where to catch them. I would highly recommend Fisherman's Choice especially for silvers in August. Couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks for fishing with us. We enjoyed our day with Ray as he took the four of us out on the boat to catch Silver Salmon.

We had a great day and caught our limit. He knew where to "Craigslist fishing" and what a good catch is when you are fishing for a good salmon. Ray likes to give you a bad time, but it was fun to give it back to him.

Had a great time you guys too. Make sure you call us when you come back to Alaska so we can hopefully repeat Monday's fishing. I quickly noticed that the Salmon run was poor and the places I was familiar with weren't even open to fishing, so Craigslist fishing decided to pay for a guide. I figured a local professional would have some insights about where to find a few fish. We were picked up right on the side of Glenn Hwy into a river of sludge for a half mile boat ride up the sludge river where we anchored for 4 hours and never got a bite until it was time to Craigslist fishing. Hi Brandon, Sorry to hear about your trip on Sunday.

I know the weather was not cooperating during the trip. That is probably why the river was looking so rough due to high water and floating debris. Craigslist fishing wish you had called me after the trip. Yes, the fishing has been slower than normal, but days before, when the weather was outstanding, we were getting fish.

Again, I wish Craigslist fishing would have called so that we could have discussed the day. I noticed that you were unhappy with most of your visit to Alaska, Sorry Alaska was not up to par on your standards.

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We again had a great time with fisherman's choice charters! Always a great experience! Will do this trip again and would recommend! This is turning into a yearly vacation for Craigslist fishing guys. Glad we could be a part of it, again. See ya next year. In Decembet I prepaid in full for what I thought was a guided halibut fishing trip for my husband as a Christmas present.

Upon arriving in Anchorage on Sunday May 20, we settled into our hotel as it was late. On Monday evening after reviewing the web site we noticed that no mention was made off Halibut so I called Terri. To my surprise I was told that they don't fish for halibut but fish for Salmon. The 4 of us who were going on this trip live in Wisconsin and fish in Lake Michigan from spring until fall for Salmon so why would we book a Craigslist fishing trip for something we can do at home.

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When asking for s refund or partial refund Terri replied "absolutely not" So wanting to make the best of something we all had paid for we decided to go anyhow. Thinking we were going to be taken on a river into the back country we were surprised to find out upon leaving that were only taken less than a mile from the launch site on the Knik River just off of Alaska Hwy 3.

After 4 hours of listening to our guide Ray tellnus about all of the been everywhere and did everything stories we decided to cut our losses and leave. houston for sale by Craigslist fishing "fishing rods" - craigslist. san diego for sale "fishing reel" - craigslist. Nov 8 Abu Garcia RVO3 PRM-HS Revo Premier Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel $ (San Marcos) pic map hide. wilmington, NC for sale "fishing reel" - Craigslist fishing. favorite this post Oct 15 SHIMANO TRITON BAITRUNNER PLUS w/ PENN RAMPAGE FISH ROD Craigslist fishing.

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