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Do girls like cum on their face


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What does it Do girls like cum on their face to you psychologically? I'll actually answer, because why the fuck not?

Welcome to Reddit,

Also, I just answered this question for my boyfriend the other day, so I find the timing sort of hilarious. I don't have a first experience story, but how I explained it was that I really like the feeling of being marked as his, like he knows that I would do this silly and kind of degrading thing because I trust him and I "belong" to him, just in the sense of that sexual encounter.

For me it's not about trying to emulate porn or anything, just about liking the feeling of not being in control. This made me laugh because he's definitely been known to lick my face when we're just being silly I've done that face licking thing sometimes in a sexual context as a male.

In missionary, forcing her hands back and lock her down under me. Then looking in the eyes and doing these really long and wet all tongue right through the face "dog kisses". The look of helplessness and slight annoyance is probably what makes me juices flow innit. This is exactly why I know that so many pairs of socks and tshirts, truly "belong" to me. As a guy that is why I sort Do girls like cum on their face like light bondage.

There is something nice about saying, "I trust you and I'm yours and yours only. That's why I think I'll actually never be able to let another guy do it to me. I completely agree to the "belonging" to him feeling.

The problem is that the first and only guy who's done this to me was my Do girls like cum on their face. He wanted to and I thought why not. Sadly later he turned out not to be the charming sweet guy he seemed to be the first few months or who he was in public. Wish I could not associate it with him but I think that's never going to happen.

Belonging to anyone just freaks me the hell out now. Although I do wish I'll get over it at some point. Speaking seriously I think if you find someone who is worthy of your trust and can find the courage to play with some of these things you might find that those associations can be replaced with better ones. My ex asshole used to hold my throat and I really liked it, until I figured out what an abusive prick he was. Then it was just scary that I had ever let him. So I went through a few things like this.

I had to ease into it with my new boyfriend and be upfront with him about not being sure how I'd react and probably needing extra aftercare but now I love it again. Just don't jump into it, go at a comfortable pace. I'm really sorry to hear that: I had the same situation going on for a while, I'd really honestly recommend trying it with someone new when that comes about; it helped me to remember that at the end of the day, it's just Do girls like cum on their face, and the part that really matters is who they are and not the acts themselves.

Of all the things that became a "thing" in porn that I hate, I hate this one the most. It started in the 70's as "pull out then come on her tummy" and slowly worked it's way up the body through the decades and I've been hating it all the way.

I'm a guy and my ex was capable of squirting a bit and it was a huge turn on feeling her squirt on my face and I especially liked it when we'd 69, I'd fuck her with one of her toys, and then drink her juices when she squirted on my face and in my mouth. Raging partial just writing that lol.

When it comes down to it ha. It's much more about the act and the connection for me than the physical filthiness of it. I can see that.

I might feel the same way if what came out of a woman when she cums were the consistency of cum rather than water. So, uhhh, can you give me something else to beat off to? Which pornographic videos though? There's so many of them! Which ones in particular? Describe your multiple orgasms and nipples in detail. Best bit also is being able to look up at him whilst his cum is on my face and then proceeding to "clean" the rest from his cock.

Not a girl, but one time I Do girls like cum on their face a Gogurt too hard and it went all over my face. Messy but it tasted delicious so I'd say it was pleasant.

And I know my boyfriend...

Sometimes I just enjoy grabbing a yogurt cup and just pouring it all over my body. For some reason it tastes better. I don't remember my first experience. And I'm not really particular to the face, actually; the whole getting in the eyes freaks me out a bit. I'm more of a-- cum all over me and if it gets on my face too, cool! I have a strong assertive personality outside the bedroom, and that kind of flips that.

It's such a turn on for me. When a guy does it, I'm usually laying down after we've been fucking for awhile and I've already came a couple of times. Even so, I can't help but usually cum when it all happens-- even if he's not touching me or doing anything but cumming all the fuck over me. Yeah I'm pretty much the same. I get off on not being in control. It's like I get to be the exact opposite of what I am in real life. I love when a guy cums. Sometimes, I'll swallow, but other times I just like being covered in it.

It also lets me know that I did my job and he's satisfied too. Cuz I usually get off numerous and I mean numerous times before he does. Interestingly enough, I have spent less time on reddit and more time on video games since summer hit. Though Do girls like cum on their face also been travelling a lot so, yeah. How do I get that fucking job! That sounds boss as fuck!! During my first experience, I was on my back on his bed and he was standing up.

My legs were kind of awkwardly hanging off the side of the bed, but it worked. When he came it shot first on my stomach then on my face and hair he didn't consult me beforehandand it was my first time actually seeing cum in person.

He told me not to move and ran to get a wet towel to wipe my downstairs. I kind of laid there and tasted the cum, which I liked. It was also in my eye and was beginning to sting. For the remainder of the night and the whole next day, my eye was red, and I was in a class with him, so he thought it was hilarious.

Psychologically, I didn't think much of it, to be honest. What I didn't like is that he got into the shower first Do girls like cum on their face I was left naked, covered head to vagina in cum, which was beginning to dry, and had to wait to shower after him.

I was wearing make up and was self conscious, so I carefully wiped around Do girls like cum on their face makeup instead of washing my whole face.

Wow, what a dick move! Or meet in the middle and shower together?

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That's what I thought too! He didn't offer to shower together, either. We were FWB, but that doesn't mean you dismiss basic rules of courtesy. First time I'm seeing a fellow CC'er outside!

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Glad we share a common interest when it comes to ask reddit posts, hah. The one time I've had a girl let me give her a facial and she did just that tilted her head back too far and it all went up her nose. She kind of choked and laughed, saying that I waterboarded her.

First time I got a facial, I got it in my eyes, that was as painfull as ppl said it was, but I dont mind it at all. And I think it's about marking too, and letting your SO fuck your pretty face up, is something they love, so why not let them have it. There's a reason why he wants to give you a facial. Guys seem to love blowing their loads on women's faces, so let's figure out why that is.

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is so popular isn't so much because of she looks with semen on her face, but because of she reacts to it. Real Men Say What Their “Red Flag” For A Crazy Girl Is. I don't have a first experience story, but how I explained it was that I really like the feeling of being marked as his, like he knows that I would do.

And I know my boyfriend really likes to come on my face, so I'll do it for that a man just squirts his semen onto her face, it may make for a very bad ending.

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