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Indian Wife White Husband


Toggle navigation Wallpaperama Forums. Sat Nov 03, []. Hi Andrew, would love to know you. Write back here and we can take it further.

You look like an anemic fish and I bet you smell like curry. I'm jumping into the discussion and have read a few pages so far. I wanted to say a couple of things.

First, someone somewhere made a racial difference between Indians and White people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but people from India are considered "Caucasian" aka "White". Second, I know of only one person who is married to an Indian woman, and he happens to be my ex boyfriend!

Never met the woman in personbut they have a beautiful child together. I do know that she is Hindu and when he was in my life, he was Christian.

Yet, "all rivers run into the ocean" according to the Hindu religion. I myself am White but was born in South America which makes me Hispanic. My husband is European and White. Growing up I was never attracted to Hispanic guys and always ended up with White boyfriends. Well, I briefly dated a Brazilian guy but it didn't work out. Live and let live. This is how we roll, best luck to my white brothers, "Indian Wife White Husband" ain't easy but once you acquire the result is Stupidous!

Indian Wife White Husband looking for white guy for marriage,i'm and indian girl who born in Malaysia. I've always wanted to marry a beautiful Indian woman. Are you the one? Be my friend on Facebook! Hi there, This is Paramita Roy. I am a Indian 21 years old girl. Looking for a serious relationship with a white men. Replying to Paraminta roy number 25,if u are for real write me jamerjf - at - peoplepc dot com Ron.

Indian people are caucasian, so obviously they will like white guys. I think Indian woman are so racist all they want is to date a white man and no one else.

Race shouldn't come into it, if it's love, then it's love, no matter if you're white, Indian, black, Chinese, martian, whatever. First of all, India is NOT in the middle east! It is in Asia. This friend of your probably prefers to be married to an Indian girl because we Indian Wife White Husband much more tolerance and patience compared to white girls. We know how to be respectful, are submissive, passive and loveable!

First of all, indians are caucasian, so obviously they will like white guys. I am Indian and i wouldn't mind to get marry to a white guy if he is nice caring and loyal to me: Hello, I seen your picture and comment and I am interested in an indian woman as well and would love the oppurtunity to talk to you sometime.

Feel free to contact me. Hello, I saw your picture on wallpaperama and I thought you were beautiful. I'm a good looking white man in the usa. Are you in india? I love your eyes and lips. Im a Retired U. Army sargent and looking for a Wife, I like your picture ,I would like to get to know you better, please write me at Johnny R. Hi Ethanif you are still single please write me I am Indian Wife White Husband Indian girl: I would have no other woman than Indian.

Im white, 35 years and not attracted to white females at all. I love Indian women and culture Hey Soffie, please add me on facebook my name is Craig Pickavance and i would love to meet you!!

If your white husband is...

U R very beautiful. Would love to talk to you. I'm looking for a east Indian women who is ready twho is ready to get married and start Indian Wife White Husband family. Please feel free to email me at r m c i r i l l o comcast. My sisters r marryd to ugly white men far to old for them to.

The Indian woman or the...

Hi Jack, I wanted to let you know that not all Indian girls are racists. I am Indian American and "Indian Wife White Husband" to dating men of all races. I have seen extremely attractive men in every race!

Iagree with some of the men comments iam from saginaw michigan and iam afro american ijust got out of a 2year relationship with a indian her name was heena Indian Wife White Husband woman are more respectfulllongas u respect them u will have a good woman but my ex start hanging with her coworkers and acouple of them were black woman and that's all it took they seen she was happy and didn't cheat at the time they were having problems with there men going out to cheat on them so they talked her into start cheating now there back with there men and she's looking silly but that shows most woman nomatter what color can be influenced to do wrong but I rather have indian that's what I prefer its just hard sometimes because of my race we all get sterotyped manure don't compare me to the next fool or idiot because iam different from the next person all that race manure for the birds aslong as there happy be happy for them all I can say that's why I agree to Indian Wife White Husband dhara.

I hope you find the right persin for you Ihope we can talk. It is astonishing to me as a white American man who came Indian Wife White Husband deeply respect and admire India by an interest in Ayurvedaits people, its astonishing history, its struggle for independence, and the cultural and philosophical treasures it has shared freely with the world, that so many people are tormented by the idea of either an Indian woman or man marrying a caucasion.

Yes, I know that many Indians have a profound faith in Hinduism and its precepts. Yes, I know the cruelties that the western world has caused India to know. I am somewhat familiar with the laws of Manu and his edict for Indian men and women to remain pure by marrying indigenoeusly.

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But there is a higher law than that held sacred by every great sage, prophet, and teacher. The law that is written in the temple of the human heart: Love is the highest, most powerful, purest force in the universe--love between Indian Wife White Husband and child, brother Indian Wife White Husband sister, and friends. But the love, when it happens between man and woman is the most essential because it alone makes possible all other kinds.

Not race, skin color, religion, tradition, reason, prejudice, ignorance, poverty, or sickness is its master. Some religions--almost all--tell us to suppress our desires. But from where do they come? The woman who must sing? Who placed that desire in her soul? The doctor who feels he was born to tend the sick?

Who placed that desire in his heart.

Why does India think every...

The Indian woman or the white woman or black man or Asian woman who feels drawn to someone other than their own kind? Who placed that desire in their heart? Can we choose our passions?

If we are drawn to poetry, did we have a choice in the matter. A Indian Wife White Husband speech fit for kings and queens there John, superb! Glad to hear that you've gone through the laws of Manu and Ayurveda.

Yes, love is blind. Mortals fell in love with the divine and celestial beings fell in love with the earthly mortals Naadi astrology Indian Wife White Husband all about your past accurately but you've to find a genuine reader. I so agree with John I am Indian woman and i am so proud to be one Indians have a wonderful history I would'nt mind an inter racial marraige Dear Pia, I am a white British male.

I cook North Indian food constantly and would love to chat with you some more I like your style!!! PS, I am vegetarian. You're loveing stealing all the good-looking girls of our race! Quit bankrupting our race so much idiot. Get used to it. It is time you indians had to learn what us white men go through. It sucks being a white male and seeing how all of our most beautiful white women only date black men. That is why so many whites are going to Indian women.

Also, an Indian woman will always treat a white man better than what a white woman will. In this forum, only Indian women attracted to white guys respond?

I "Indian Wife White Husband" someday my Indian prince Indian Wife White Husband come: the son of an activist Why would I ever want to give my body or love to a white man, a man. Our prospective husbands have to be rich and socially conscious, hip but So while we, as modern Indian women, eschew the idea of marrying without love.

How to marry Indian Woman by White Man Inter-Racial Marriages. to my boyfriend,she even send pictures of her possible husbands, and he.

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