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Madonna nude in body of evidence


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Certainly not a great film, but not as bad as it has been made out to be. Madonna's acting is OK, and I suspect the "woodenness" of her performance was largely what the director wanted. Her character's passion was limited to the bedroom and elevator, and stairs, and parking garage, etc. And, by the way, I had forgotten Madonna nude in body of evidence pretty she could be back then.

Anne Archer looked awfully good as well, even while being weepy and not completely hinged. The rest of the cast put in good work, with a special commendation for Julianne Moore.

Frank Langella was suitably creepy, and Joe Mantegna suitably industrious. Some of the dialog didn't completely work, but if you watch this without preconceptions, you'll find it OK.

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Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. It's been a while since Body of Evidence was released to theaters and rejected by critics and the public. But I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I still get kicks out of popping this film into the vcr and getting completely entangled in the story.

Can someone literally be, umm, sexed to death? And why do people think Madonna did such a bad job in this film? She was perfect in doing exactly what she needed to in order to develop her character--the sultry Rebecca Carlson.

I mean, come on! The plot of this movie is one of the most interesting story lines I have ever known. Is Rebecca a out of control dominatrix who really did sex her much older lover to death? That's what the prosecution tries to prove as they charge her for murder after her wealthy older lover is found dead.

Throughout the film, the plot thickens and you're not sure if Rebecca is a murderous bitch or not. And the sex scenes in this are highly erotic! Madonna, come my way with that candle wax any day of the week! And the Madonna nude in body of evidence in her eyes as she teases her lawyer by shoving her fingers down her pantiesGeez, that look is classic!

Body of Evidence may not be Oscar caliber, but hell, was Titanic? I don't think so. But if you're in for a sinful delight, you should go rent Body of Evidence right now. It was only a matter of time that by Modonna one of the worlds most recognized woman and 1 sex symbol was to showcase her enormous and natural talents on the big screen for all to see. The lurid and sensational trial that followed left the quiet and sleepy little city of Portland Oregon so shook up that it still hasn't recovered from the shock that hit it after all these years.

Portland Millionaire Andrew Marsh, Michael Forrest, is found dead of a heart attack in his mansion with his hands tied to the bed and a video tape of him and Rebecca Carlson having sex still playing on the VCR. Before long the DA has Miss. Carlson indited for his murder and the evidence against her is almost air-tight and a conviction seems like a forgone conclusion.

Attorney Frank Dulaney, Willam Dafoe, takes the case for Carlson's defense and it turned out the be the biggest mistake that he ever made in his entire life. The movie goes from the ridiculous to the sublime and every thing else in between and by the time the movie is over you feel like you went over Niagara Falls on a surf board.

You have to say one thing about "Body of Evidence" it's not at all boring and Madonna dose have acting talents with her very effective portrayal of the sexy and over the top Rebecca Carlson, even though she was obviously playing herself.

Willam Defoe was very good as Rebecca's lawyer who was manipulated by her like all the men that she manipulated in the movie; you couldn't fault him for that once she turned it on the poor man was a goner. Anne Archer, Joanne Braslow, was tragic as well as sympathetic as Rebecca's rival for the dead millionaire Andrew Marsh's affections as well as money whom to no one's surprise lost out to. The movie has a number of shocking and explosive surprises that will keep you guessing until the final credits start to roll and is much better then you would expect from all the negative comments that it got at the time of it's release.

Madonna's acting surprisingly evoking sympathy as well as outrage during the entire movie, Madonna was very good in the scene where she was on the witness stand, that even rival her scenes in the buff, which was the real reason for most people seeing the film, that gives the audience and extra bonus.

I couldn't tell you the plot of this movie. Actually, I don't know if this movie had a plot. What I do know is that Madonna is in it and boy or boy, is she ever. Another courtroom drama without the drama, the only reason one will watch this movie is Madonna. The passion between Dafoe and Madonna is the only thing worth watching. That and the nudity and strong sexual acts, Body of Evidence is a left over movie stolen from the Basic Instinct genre. The courtroom and crime scenes is just background to what the movie is, Madonna in the bedroom.

Beautifully filmed, Madonna never looked better. This campy thriller gave Madonna fans some of her most famous lines--"Men Lie", "Have you ever seen animals make love", That's what I do, I", and a few others. Her clothes are incredible and Julianne Moore is very pretty too. Now, the problem lies not so much within Madonna's acting but timing The public just didn't know what to think, and I do think her constant blinking of the eyes can become very irritating.

The sex scene in the parking garage is beautifully filmed and Madonna does kick some butt in the sex scene department. If you think about Sharon Stone's icy performance in Basic Instinct and Madonna's in this--they're really about the same. But a major Madonna backlash had begun by the time this film was released and was labeled a turkey.

No, I can't lie-- I love it! Sorry, I really do! NOT to be taken seriously! CharltonBoy 29 April Body of Evidence has all the hallmarks of a poor soft core porn movie. This film contains some of the worst over acting seen ever in a court scene acompanied by scenes you would never see in a court room.

The question that i have to ask is why do good actors like Jullianne Moore and Willem Defoe take on movies like this? Because the critics gave this such a panning, Madonna nude in body of evidence didn't bother to watch it for a long time. Now that I Madonna nude in body of evidence, I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

Amazingly, I thought it was better than Basic Instinct, the film that everyone said it was simply a poor copy of. The storyline is tight and engaging, Madonna much better than usual, the sex scenes good, even if Willem Defoe appears more comfortable in the courtroom scenes, and the ending brilliant.

A greatly under "Madonna nude in body of evidence" film.

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Trashy sex-melodrama might have been much more fun had it the slightest sense of humor; alas, all the laughs here are Madonna nude in body of evidence, and the straight-faced actors just end up looking foolish.

Willem Dafoe seems on auto-pilot throughout, cast as a defense attorney opposite Madonna, playing a woman who is suspected of killing her wealthy older lover with too much rough-housing in the bedroom. For camp-addicts, a hoot; all others beware. Released to video in R, NC, and Unrated versions, none of which managed to improve on the ludicrous screenplay.

DeeNine-2 12 March Not that there is a TV version. We could also call this 'Madonna on top' or 'Madonna in charge' or maybe 'She can show you the power you can have from the prone position. She's not especially bad in this mediocre thriller, nor especially good. The script is ridiculous and the treatment without a hint of nuance or subtlety.

The problem is the movie is so obviously fake that it's like watching bad TV. There's no point other than kinky sex. I'm not sure why Madonna agreed to do this. I can't believe she needed the money, nor can I believe she didn't care about her reputation as a performing artist.

I think her appearance here exposes her weakness: On the plus side I saw the unrated version and she Madonna nude in body of evidence very sexy. The script and direction is absolutely horrible, hands down.

Madonna in Body of Evidence...

We all know what we came to see and an interesting movie is not it here. Can you fornicate someone to death? Strangely enough, Madonna is on trial for committing such a terrible act! I cannot completely hate the movie for some nice scenes between Dafoe and the 'Material Girl.

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This was an interesting period in Madonna's life. Watching this movie is like watching an incredibly brutal train wreck. You can't help but look, even though the outcome is tragic. Madonna plays Rebecca Carlson, accused of murdering her lover by sexual means.

In other words, her body was the murder weapon. Willem Dafoe plays the lawyer hired to save her bod, but you can tell what will happen a mile away.

The Madonna nude in body of evidence scenes between the two of them become a rarity: The plot is ludicrous and the ending is just dumb. However, if you have to watch it, watch it as a double feature with "Showgirls. Just 2 good examples of when sexiness turns viewers off! Theo Robertson 22 February If you're still unsure that Hollywood execs have no creative ideas then get yourself a time machine and go back to the early to mid s to a time when nearly every studio release was composed of a " person from hell movie 2 be they a doctora copa flatmatea jilted lover etc who would terrorize an innocent or not so innocent victim.

Celebs nude and sex scenes from cinema, TV shows, music videos and on stage performances. Madonna - Body of Evidence () Models: Madonna.

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Madonna nude scenes from Body of Evidence. Tags: HighDefinition. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time /. Duration Time Loaded: 0%. Progress: 0. Database of streaming videos with nude celebs. Madonna in nude scene from Body of Evidence which was released in She shows us her tits, and bush.

Madonna nude in body of evidence

Miasmic movies are not a simple meaningfulness. There are more as many categories of terrible movies as there are for great ones: To fully cotton on to the world into which Evidence made its thudding door, you have to know your Madonna history.

First and foremost, her run down record with agitation pictures had been… well, uneven would be the nicest way to through it. Ciccone embarked on a three-pronged strategy of precise sexuality. And formerly, in January of , there was Body of Indication. A third-rate riff on Basic Sixth sense , which made a mint and made Sharon Stone a Madonna-level making love superstar the prior spring, Evidence stars Madge as Rebecca Carlson, a fully literal femme fatale who is charged with killing her lover, a superb old man with a heart state, via a deadly combination of driving sex and cocaine.

Its makers would subsequently note that the film was in production forward of Basic Instinct cuff theaters, but the structural similarities are inescapable: The consequences of this battle are never dealt with in any way, good or bad.

Those scenes get the area done, I posit. Nowhere is that more evident than in the run-up to the out of luck handcuff scene, which finds our leading man lying on the floor, opening her robe, and masturbating for Mr. She looks… well, she just looks weirdly plastic, her enhanced body as absolutely manufactured as the performance — and, frankly, the big.


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Madonna - Body of Evidence (compilation)

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Madonna nude in body of evidence

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