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Website to rate ex boyfriends


GIRLS ever wanted to tell the world about your ex-boyfriend, the good, the bad and the positively odd? App to secretly rate ex-boyfriends Source: A new app, Luluthat is for females 18 and above only, allows you to rate your past lovers on things like their character, their commitment, the first kiss and how he was at sex.

Scores range from Bird song apps may harm birds. They love to have their experiences validated Website to rate ex boyfriends other friends. Safety-first with a new smartphone or tablet. The top 10 apps that will change your lives. Schwartz and Alexandra Chong devised Lulu after a girls' brunch.

The conversation moved from Topshop sales, appointments with dermatologists to their boyfriends, past Website to rate ex boyfriends present. We realised there's something so powerful there. The app makes you reveal your relationship with the man in order to review him - from being an ex-girlfriend or a one-night stand or merely a friend.

You are then asked prompts such as "His jokes make me want This is the stuff you need to know when you're checking out a guy in Econat a party or even on a dating site. Lulu puts the girls in control. All Lulu users are anonymous and activities are not on Facebook. However, you can share profiles with Facebook friends. Hashtags can also be added to the guy's profile, so characteristics are searchable.

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Sign up Log out news. News Corp Australia Network June 21, 4: So big-mouthed lovers who flatter to deceive beware. Baseball player shot playing Pokemon Go. Proof this Pokemon craze is out of control.

lulu app iphone rate guys and boyfriends. Girls, get ready to rate past dates. or rating past boyfriends, scrolling through the photo feed and checking on how your Considering the way online shopping and review sites like Yelp have given. There's Website to rate ex boyfriends new app called Lulu that lets women secretly rate men they're Facebook friends with. When women download the app, it pulls in their.

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Lulu, a dating app designed to help women rate and share. On Lulu, a woman can rate men in different categories, like ex-boyfriend, crush.

Website, Lulu (formerly Luluvise)...

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