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Ebony and ivory chess set


The trick to buying legal ivory Ebony and ivory chess set is to consider the source of the material. As ofthere is still a loophole that allows for a readily available source of legal ivory — though it is extremely limited and dwindling all the time. What is this source of legal ivory? It exists in the skeletons of ancient wooly mammoths, who became extinct over 40, years ago.

Now you can see why the resource is so limited! An unknown but limited number of these skeletons lie under the Siberian permafrost, just waiting to be unearthed and turned into a beautiful bone chess set for buyers with luxury tastes.

Wooly mammoth ivory is still legal in most US states, though some are working up legislation to ban its sale.

Due to the uncertain future of legal ivory, we recommend you buy your set as soon as possible to avoid any possible legal complications. Limited number of these skeletons lie under the Siberian permafrost. Ivory of any type is a rare and luxurious material. Because of this extreme rarity, these products do come at a premium price point. Ebony and ivory chess set chess set is, of course, made from mammoth ivory.

It is extremely luxurious — the single most high-end chess set on our website. It also has a price tag befitting its quality. This set comes with a certificate of authenticity that proves it is made from exclusively legally sourced ancient mammoth ivory, as well as an engraved registered plaque and an individual production number. Each one of these sets is made on a Ebony and ivory chess set bespoke basis, meaning that when you order This Antique Ivory Chess Setit is custom made for you, to your exact specifications, and then dispatched.

All 34 chessmen included in this rare chess set are hand-carved from sleek mammoth ivory. Being carved from mammoth ivory, each piece is perfectly balanced without the need for any sort of artificial weighting system. This natural weightiness provides an unparalleled, natural feel in the hand while playing that is unmatched by chess sets made from any other material.

The natural balance of ivory pieces is one of the top reasons that it is so highly sought after in chess sets, and you will not be disappointed with this set. Includes a certificate of authenticity that proves it is made from exclusively legally sourced ancient mammoth ivory — The Mammoth Ivory Collector Series Luxury Chess Set. The Ivory Chess Set includes a coffered chess box to keep your ivory chess pieces protected while they are not in use.

A chess board is not included with this hand carved ivory chess set, though you can easily add one to your order for a small fee. Product Details [Read More]:. This set is made by the same manufacturer as the previous set, though this one is available at a slightly more affordable price point. The chess pieces in this ivory set are hand carved by master artisans from the finest materials. They are modelled after the traditional shape and stature of the original Staunton pattern.

The ivory pieces are not weighted, but the ebony pieces are. There are 34 chessmen in all, including 4 Queens. The King is a towering 4. This ivory chess set offers a luxury product at a more affordable price than the full ivory set. Most people will not even be able to tell the difference between the ebony pieces and the ivory ones, since both Ebony and ivory chess set of pieces are skillfully carved and gorgeously finished.

It is their belief that the sale of all ivory- including ancient wooly mammoth ivory will soon be banned by the United States government. Because of this, they recommend buying a mammoth ivory chess set sooner rather than later if you have your eye on one, because it is uncertain how long it will remain legal to do so. Our own research supports this theory, so buy now or you may not be able to buy at all! Ivory chess sets have been prized throughout human history for their beauty, rarity, and natural weightiness.

Ivory chessmen are a joy to play with, and they feel smooth and balanced in the hand. Ivory chess boards offer unmatched color, depth, and smoothness.

For centuries, ivory trinkets, including chess board sets, were a highly valuable item and often served as luxurious gifts for important people- even royalty!

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Nowadays, however, public opinion on ivory has shifted quite dramatically. Of course, it is still prized for its looks and rarity, but the negative environmental impact of harvesting ivory outweighs its benefits for many people. This shift in thinking has also translated to the laws of many countries. Due to the increasing number of countries that are banning the sale of ivory, Ivory Chess Sets can be quite hard to come by. The trick is to not look for new products manufactured inbut rather shift your focus to look for antique ivory chess sets and pre ban sets.

Mammoth ivory chess sets are made from the bones of ancient wooly mammoths that have been dead for over 40, Ebony and ivory chess set.

The Ivory & Genuine Ebony...

The ivory is harvested from mammoth remains that have been well preserved in the frozen Siberian landscape. Because no living animals are Ebony and ivory chess set due to the harvest of this type of ivory, it is perfectly legal to harvest and sell, and you can buy it without any legal trouble. Because of this, some bad actors and more dishonest sellers may try to pass off illegal elephant ivory as mammoth ivory. Your email address will not be published. The Best Ivory Chess Sets. Product Details [Read More]: This set has more affordable price than the full ivory set.

Please send me a price list for your ivory chess sets thanks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. "Ebony and ivory chess set" great deals on eBay for Ivory Chess Set in Traditional Pre Chess Handmade Wooden Travel Chess Set Ebony and Ivory-tone Pieces Striped. This item is available for backorder. Click here to know more about backorder. Special thanks to "Chuck Grau" for his exceptional efforts in.

The Dr Jean-Claude Cholet Collection...

Items 1 - 36 of 46 Shop for Chess Pieces Crafted from Genuine Ebony & Boxwood at US Chess Federation Sales. We offer the widest selection of Chess Pieces.

The Most Luxurious Mammoth Ivory Chess Sets

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I have an outmoded pre ban ivory chess set. It is very control and in tremendous shape. I am considering selling it, and I'm not exactly sure how to go around that. I differentiate ebay is an option. Any info on where to sell or that items value would be much appereciated. I guess I'll see if anyone on chess.

Is there a forum or section because of selling sets on chess. Whatever you do, don't application those highly collectible pieces if you're forced to participate in against an idiot. I won the game, of succession, and the idiot took his checkmated king and thumped it HARD, whereupon it fell and almost cracked against the board. I have a totally similar chess undertake made entirely of ivory, but the opponent is stained brown.


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The Dr Jean-Claude Cholet Collection of Chess Sets

  • Antique Chess Set Market.
  • I have an antique pre ban ivory chess set. I have a Capablanca Boxwood/ Ebony set that I use on a 2'x2' custom designed board made of Bird's Eye Maple, .
  • This item is available for backorder. Click here to know more about backorder. Special thanks to "Chuck Grau" for his exceptional efforts in.
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  • Follow lot. An East African carved ivory and ebony chess set. Mozambique, early 20th century. The king -- 2¾in. (7cm.) high; the pawn -- 1¾in. (cm.) high. ANTIQUE EBONY & IVORY CHESS SET, with sliding, ivory handled doors concealing the chess board and turned chess pieces. cm x 19cm. EST.R
  • Items 1 - 36 of 46 Shop for Chess Pieces Crafted from Genuine Ebony & Boxwood at US Chess Federation Sales. We offer the widest selection of Chess Pieces.

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Ebony and ivory chess set

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Ivory Chess Sets

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