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If You see him in Dominican Republic, Sosua. Stay the fuck away from his bitch ass. He will try to get you setup. I knew Ramon for about 6 years. I treated Kenia latina fuck bitch like family. When he would be broke I Kenia latina fuck wire him money, I literally gave this bitch the clothes off my back.

We had Kenia latina fuck good thing and he WAS happy. A few miles out of town on the main street, 3 guys one with an AK were standing on the street. Then they took all our luggage from the taxi and put it in there ghetto ass car. WE have a complaint, you all are going to jail for shooting videos.

I was thinking who the fuck would care and who would say anything. All the females were cool with me and there was not one bitch mad. Ramon was acting to cool, like he wasnt surprised and why they werent arresting snitch ass ramon. We even asked them can we see the complaint. They gave us some Bullshit paper, which had none of our names on it and said nothing about us. So, these dominican police pulled us over to the side of a cemetery and they took my laptop and camcorder any they still holding their AK at us.

I was broke, I didnt even have a dollar to my name. But, thank fully one of my other homies made money gambling and so he paid these punk ass police. They gave me back my laptop and camcorder and let us go. The shit happends so fast and we didnt have time to think until we got in the airport. It took me30 minutes to realize we were setup by Ramon and it was confirmed when we got back in the states.

I made this page dedicated soley to you. This is my Home Boy from my Neighborhood. One Kenia latina fuck that makes him mad is his Arch-Enemy Mini-Me. He does not understand why Mini-me's so famous and his midget ass is broke. One thing that Mini-Me can not do is Fuck the way he can! He Fucks these Hoes like the Thug that he is. This is his first Video Debut in Habib's Crew!!

This was some wild brazilian freakfest. These two brazilian pussy freaks are homegirls of the "Brazilian Anal Sex Condom throwing Hoe" the bitch with the scarred booty. Both of them are cute, ones a milf, shes 30, but got a fat, juicy booty, with some nice 38ddd, face cantaloupe tits. She says she is Samba queen. I'm not sure if its a genetic thang in women, where they jsut naturally have to lie to men, but You all can see her samba dance and judge for yourself.

The other is in her mid 20's, with a fine ass body and a cute face. These hoes where just kicking it in our apt, drinking our liquor, eating our food. You know, the same shit every ghetto hood bitch does Kenia latina fuck they see u got food and liquor at ur place.

These hoes started getting buck wild, it became into a freakfest; Kenia latina fuck started sucking all of our dicks, getting gang banged. Val doggy dog couldnt even wait.

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That brazilian nigga was like a kid in the candy store. This was some wild ghetto hood brazilian porn! You all going to luv this video. Its an hour long and its all in the members area.

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It goes down in the South! If you all dont know what a transman is, she going to have sex change operation to be a man. But, for right now, she still a female and a sexy ass redboned butch dike lesbian. I met her in the club Utopia in Houston. Phoenoisseur was all over saffari in the club and now Kenia latina fuck was Nellis turn.

If you all dont know about nelli, she a sexy 22 years old, petite chocolate from houston. One thing i like about lesbians they dont rush like we do, she must of eaten her pussy for Kenia latina fuck good 20 to 30 mintues than took her time fucking her in all different postions.

You all going to like this video. THe full video is an hour long and you can watch it all in the members area. My homie, brotha from another mother. Shit, just dont make sense. We met this mexican burrito Kenia latina fuck on the chatline. She a cute 23 year old BBW, nice and thick with some super duper head. Anyway, i bring this bitch over to Shorty Bigs pad. "Kenia latina fuck" BIg and the crew were all drunk and high and shit just went bananas.

His mouth was glued to her pussy! The video is Kenia latina fuck 2hours long and its non-stop hood action. Black porn aint never going to be the same! Its probably the best hood strip club in the chicagoland area. They have all types of sexy thick strippers. This is Kenia latina fuck spot where all the rappers, trappers and pornstars go from lil durk, Young Thug to Cherokeed D Ass.

Well, we got misty stone tonight at Red Diamonds and chicago's own fire queen Ultra Sutra. They both going to be doing their thing tonight. Hell, i remember misty, when i first filmed her when she was 19 years old just getting into the porn game.

Damm, Now she grown into a beautiful, sexy women. This video pretty wild and they even have local artists performing at red diamonds. What i love about women is every women is unique in there own way. Some our phat, skinny,big tits, no tits, hairy pussy, etc. You all get the picture.

That's why i could never get sick of the beauty of women until they start to talk! I aint seen no female as hairy as her in a long ass time. She has alot of hair throughout her body.

It doesn't look bad at all its actually sexy to me! It starts from her legs, stomach and down to her her thick,curvy booty. It's everywhere and I luv the hairness of her. Its like a female version of Habib.

She is a fine mixed caramel skinned 21 year old freak. I had my boy Redzilla Tear that pussy up.

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I think she never had a big monster dick like his. One thing I like about Redzilla. He can tear pussy up I was worried this fine dime piece couldnt hang, but she took it like a solider ho. This was one wild video. We had Kenia latina fuck all in this video. This was my first thai porn video in Bangkok, Thailand. She had told me "tooo dam big", while almost about to cry. Watch the Preview and enjoy. All i can say about this fine brazilian future pornstar bitch,is she is one fine hoe.

This brazilian pussy hoe was cummin all over the room when mandingo was fuckin her "Kenia latina fuck" pussy. You can see it all in the members Area, the Video is 40 minutes long with pictures. Man, we have another sexy caramel newbie for you all. She a stripper that be traveling everywhere stripping but she originally born and bred in New Orleans.

Her name is Nola blu, she 25 yrs. This is her first time being filmed and she a natural. From the way she was sucking dick sliding up n down on the bed giving me some of the best sloppy, deep throat head. Then, once I stuck my dick in her pussy, I was like dam, it feels so good in there I was ready to bust.

I had to keep pulling out and taking deep breaths; it was that fucking good! You all going to love this video. Who is that hot latina that appeared on the newest update of 8th street latina. she has an amazing booty and nice firm tits Do have Kenia latina fuck of her. Hot black model Envy Kenya flaunts her juicy butt before "Kenia latina fuck" on patio · Latina lassie fucks a huge black cock and gets jizzed over her rack · Slim ebony.

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