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Chat avenue general


Chat Avenue located at the 3rd exit off the information superhighway, north-bound is a delightful online chatroom, a shining beacon of hope for the lonely, perverted, pedophiles and would-be- trolls of the cyber-world. Claiming to be the internet 's largest chatroomit's a completely free service, which merely requires the input of a nickname from a user.

This, coupled with the site's non-existent moderators, makes Chat avenue general fine pickings for flame wars and in general, all round lulz. Within the realm of Chat Avenuethere are a number of different 'specialty' chatrooms to enter. is 5 years 9...

It should be noted that the type of chatroom entered will have a massive influence on who a user will come into contact with, and thus the severity of retardedness faced. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not the ideal place of choice for a flame war.

Are you ok with that? Have you got cam? For girls, "Chat avenue general" their email address all over Teen Chat claiming they're a "Hot girl willing Chat avenue general do anything on cam! And throw in a liberal amount of winking smilies for good effect too. If this message is copied and pasted several times into the main chatroom the victim can expect at least 50 new contacts on their IM within minutes, each one as disgusting and perverse as the other.

This tactic works best if the girl has morals, that way, she will be doubly disgusted. Teen Chat has also been known to inspire the romantic side of people. Cybering keyboard sex is about as commonplace as Herpes is IRL.

General chat room to talk...

Avoid Kids Chat at all cost. It contains the highest concentration of predatory paedophiles just waiting to click on some Chat avenue general, fresh meat like yourself. College Chat contains a slightly lower concentration of pedophiles due to the dwindling numbers of prey. However, the pedophiles are replaced by a much more dangerous type of breed - the ASL stalker.

Females in the age bracket of 18 - 24 are most at risk from this threat. He it's always a "Chat avenue general" will then proceed to ask that "Chat avenue general" for their Age, Sex and Location.

First and foremost, there are no girls here. All the apparent 'girls' are actually males pretending to be female because they like the cheap thrill of being asked "Asl? General Chat attempts to hold some semblance of normality, but fails miserably. It's home to the 'serious' user of Chat Avenue, those that actually want to make e-friends. It is assumed that because these people tend to live in a world of their own IRLin the chatroom they will police themselves. This makes for epic lulz.

Utterance of any of the following phrases, such as; "Madeline McCann. Basically the same as Teen Chatbut without females. However there's more than enough estrogen in the room to make up for the gender gap Be warned, this is one room where if you do choose to advertise yourself, you will Chat avenue general than likely be asked by someone in your area to meet them at your local public restroom.

Where grown-ups talk about serious things like Chat avenue general, income tax and Hello Kitty 's bid for global domination.

Just kidding, this place is full of sad pathetic married men looking for whores and sad pathetic married men pretending to be whores. The golden rule to remember while in this chatroom is that if the person you're talking to ever sends a picture to you, it's always been taken from google. An underpopulated but exceedingly funny room.

When it's not empty there are generally about people, all of whom are involved in a bitter console war. Another underpopulated and under-appreciated room. Most of the time it's empty or nearly empty with trolls coming in and out. On the rare occasion it has people inside, the conversation is usually never about sports. Music Chat also exists, but it's not important IRLso why should it be online? Chat Avenue claims it has a stringent security system, but some would argue it doesn't really count, because when you get banned you can log right back in under a different name.

In this regard, Chat Avenue is very similar to the social networking site, Bebowhere the kids are left to fend for themselves. If someone, like you and I, likes doin it for the lulz, then one will begin intimately and pull off an edge with a dramatic Chat avenue generallike so It works best in rooms where cliques have formed and there are regular users. Scout the room, looking for the most popular 'chatters.

Wait for them to log out. Then, log yourself out and log back in under their name! Oh, the art of deception! It may be Chat avenue general to wait a while before logging in as your intended victim so it doesn't look that obvious. Let the e-drama commence! The basic aim of the game is to destroy their hard-earned "Chat avenue general" networks!

To confuse the users of the chatroom even more, log out after the first escapade, and log back in, Chat avenue general how disgruntled you are that someone is copycatting "you. Type on the on-screen keyboard in this order: Copy paste the new extended name in the "Nickname" box in whatever chat-avenue room you're going to and have fun. Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. Anything above his eyes faded shimmer. and then we realized, he became quieter every day chat avenue general chat before the bathroom floor in place.

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[4][5] Chat rooms Chat-Avenue has nineteen different chat. Adult chat Adult 18 and older Yes Yes Boys chat General 13 and older No No Cam chat General 13 .

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