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A new, refreshed edition of the five-level English course for teenagers, with a clear structure, supported approach to speaking, practice, and exam preparation still at its heart. Includes an Online Workbook, Words app and iTools. With an app "Solutions words app" help build key vocabulary, students can look up, listen to, and practise all of the words from Solutions anytime, anywhere. Students can take control of their learning by choosing to view word lists by unit, by topic or as a dictionary.

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With over 1, words available, Solutions words app can then focus on key vocabulary groups, with definitions taken from the Oxford Essential Dictionary and Oxford Wordpower. An audio icon allows students to hear words spoken in English and integrated quizzes give students the option of revising on the go. Solutions Pre-Intermediate Words Android app. Key features Read more Choose how you view words: Over Solutions words app included Define: Solutions words app a word and tap on the screen to see the definition and word in context.

Tap on the audio icon to hear the word spoken in English. Repeat and improve Practise: Play the games for on-the-go revision: Multiple choice quizzes test knowledge of the meanings of words Drag and drop words into contextual sentences to check how words are used.

The original core strengths of Solutionsloved by thousands of teachers worldwide, are still at the heart of the new edition, but have been enhanced and modernized.

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The structured syllabus in an easy-to-follow format, with clearly presented objectives, means that the whole class knows what is expected of them in each lesson. Students Solutions words app feel a sense of achievement after every class, which is especially important for teenagers. Solutions is well known for getting every student speaking.

Speaking lessons follow a step-by-step approach, offering a model to listen to, lots of language input, ideas of what to say, and plenty of opportunities to speak.

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The tasks are relevant to teenagers and give them the freedom to improvise while combining all the elements learnt in the lesson. Exam preparation is kept as a focus throughout, not only in the Get Ready for your Exam pages for every unit, but also in the Exam Strategy boxes, the reviews and self-check pages, and extra activities in the other components. Through these activities, students can build their confidence and develop exam strategies, and both students and teachers can keep on track Solutions words app their progress in relation to what is expected of them in their exams.

Solutions recognizes that different students are motivated by different learning approaches. All the components cater to mixed-ability classrooms, and the multi-dimensional package offers teachers the Solutions words app to adapt the resources to suit the needs of their students. The Online Workbook enables independent interactive learning at a pace to suit each student whilst the Online Gradebook provides teachers with easily accessible information for planning mixed-ability lessons and group learning programs in the classroom.


Solutions even offers the student dedicated mobile phone apps for vocabulary reference and practice on the go. While retaining control of students' progress, the teacher can exploit the course's productive approach which motivates the students to learn by themselves both in and out of the classroom. Tasks all lead towards a real-life practice activity which allows the student to activate the grammar and vocabulary learnt in that lesson in a personalized way.

DVD-ROM episodes bring the language to life by taking it out of the Solutions words app and into authentic settings, while the audio built into the Student's Book and Workbook brings the passages alive.

Independent learning is promoted through the 'Check your work' feature for Solutions words app tasks, the self-check pages in the Workbook and the vocabulary reference and games within the Words phone app. Further interactive elements in the Online Workbook such as automatic marking and instant feedback, the integrated Speak and Record feature that a teacher can listen to and mark, and instant links to Grammar Reference and Wordlists, enhance the supportive environment for independent learning beyond the classroom.

Solutions words app being actively involved in the learning process, students become more engaged and confident, and in turn take control of their learning. Click on the covers below to find out more about each of the components in the package. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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You can change your cookie settings at any time. Solutions 2nd ed PI Words - Revise for your vocabulary test anywhere with the Solutions Solutions words app App from Oxford University Press. Want a more interactive way. Want a more interactive way tolearn English vocabulary?

Wish you could prepare more effectivelyfor your tests? With the Solutions Words App you can revise. Revise for your vocabulary test anywhere with the Solutions Words App from Oxford University a more interactive way to learn.

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