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Mike seat asshole


The kind of day you probably should have put on shorts, but already made a habit of wearing pants. I was driving from the Eden Prairie Library, a staple grind spot in the Minnesota suburbs, toward a nearby mall for a drink meeting.

With 90 minutes to spare, my plan was to purchase a pack of gum, find a table in the food court, and smash the keys of my laptop until something good happened. This was not any Mike seat asshole though; no younger than 75, she was rocking a cowboy hat covering a thick head of white hair.

My initial impression was mild annoyance at the forward nature of her demand, mixed with an approving assessment of her movement on the frontal plane, as she lunged laterally from her own driver side seat onto the pavement.

I explained, slightly confused why I felt the need to defend myself. After all, she was parked both rear and adjacent to me, so Mike seat asshole car was completely unaffected by my parking job.

Vice President Mike Pence is...

Taken aback now, I looked at my Chevy Silverado. Well, not MY Silverado. Rather than explain this cordially, I went with an elementary, illogical rebuttal, not unlike something my hot-tempered 6 th grade self would have done:. I almost chuckled under my breath as I took those first few steps away from the scene and towards the mall. We walked toward the doors together, I told her I was sorry for how I acted and that it was great meeting her, and we went our separate ways.

I then found a quiet space behind the building and pulled out my phone to recap the experience for a vlog on my youtube channel, which you should definitely be subscribed to. If I marched off after being called an Mike seat asshole, having upset this stranger, I would have felt worse about myself.

And who I am. Be Mike seat asshole good person and try to act without ego, not because you are oh-so-great and making the world a better place, but because on a selfish level, you will benefit from it every single time. September 29, at September 30, at September 30, at 1: September 30, at 2: September 30, at 3: September 30, at 6: September 30, at 7: September 30, at 8: September 30, at 9: October 1, at 5: October 4, at 2: October 6, at January 16, at Paulette Mossop lol- at times ,you are wise beyond your years and a natural charmer.

Gillian I could picture this story as if you'd filmed it and put it on YouTube. Made me laugh and feel proud of your response. Definitely one for my kids to read x September 29, at Larissa Wilhelm Edie sounds like Mike seat asshole spit fire and it's awesome she called you on your shit haha! I'm happy you rethought your interaction and turned it into a positive one.

We need a more "good" chain effect, lately. My closing statement for my yoga class is, "Respect others, respect yourself, and do something amazing with your day. Thanks for your story. Gotta eat some humble pie once in a while Mike seat asshole always try to be a better version of yourself. Mimi Routh Lovely story! I think she was out of place. Nice that you answered and pursued it so she could begin to see things from your point of view. Charity Thank you for sharing!

I love your writing style and love that you took that split second to rethink your actions, in spite of the fact that Edie may have been being a little unreasonable. You took an unpleasant situation and turned it into a pleasant encounter that left both of you smiling and maybe restored a little of her faith in "young whippersnappers!? If only more people would be this kind of selfish!? Charlotte This Mike seat asshole why I recommend you to everyone I know. For this soon-to-be RN, you're a hero: Hilary Aune First time I've read one of your emails and it was great, my fave part is that you signed the email with House if Gryffindor.

I was like, oh I knew I liked him! Hilary Also House of Gryffindor September 29, at Sonny Truyen great story, wish I heard it before the poke-gate incident! Erin I was worried that the 'Minnesota nice' wasn't going to show up. This was an adorable story. Simple, but with a nice lesson at the end. Sam Awesome story, this would make a difference in the world if people would take the time to slow down and breath in a situation like this.

Try adjust themselves and just be polite and not snap straight away. I Mike seat asshole do my best to be nice even to "Mike seat asshole" who less deserves it. Well done mike, you seem to be a down to earth guy from what i have read from you but now it Shows that you are a genuine real person and a guy who does take the time to think about a situation can see what should be changed and then fix it.

Really is just awesome. Jennae I think what you did is rare and I appreciated this story a lot, thanks for the read. Something I can look at at a Mike seat asshole different angle. Graham Scott Wonderful story Mike - you are a better person for apologizing - whenever I watch your blogs I find myself smiling - peace September 30, at 1: Nevy Cheema You're awesome Mike. We Mike seat asshole more Mike seat asshole like you in this world. Putting your ego aside and just being a nice guy is strangely not very easy to do for most people.

You calmed your anger and definitely hers as well. I strive to be able to do that more. Congrats on achieving the best outcome possible. Raul Escoto In today's world it is hard to let your ego go and just try to be a kind person and explain and let the small things go.

He's known to be a...

Good job I think you handled it the right way and made a friend for the moment haha. Chris Gruhlke I love this story! We live in a crazy world but there is always room for human connection and kindness.

Zen as it may be, our actions always create a reaction. Sounds like your decision not to react negatively created some good vibes all around! That took courage to pause and intentionally change the trajectory you were on.

And two people left the situation satisfied that they were heard and respected. What a great teaching moment. That was a great example of the power of influence. Leadership September 30, at 7: Thanks Mike September 30, at 7: Lalita Mike, Loved your story! I once made an 'ass' of myself at a local Comcast store Mike seat asshole they didn't have my order right. I yelled at the poor lady behind the counter and left. The very next day, I totally felt like an "a-hole" and went to the local grocery store and bought some daisies.

Went Mike seat asshole to the Comcast store and stood in the long line to reach the counter. I walked up to that same lady and told her I was so sorry for being an "ass" the day before and handed her the daisies and told her to have a nice day. All of the other people in line about 30 heard me and applauded.

It WAS a great day!! Lalita September "Mike seat asshole," at 8: Linda I would imagine it did her as much good as it did you- by apologizing you deflated Mike seat asshole frustration and allowed her to continue on her day in a happier and lighter mood which she wasn't in before demanding you pull forward.

What you did was to make her next encounter more pleasant and you didn't even realize it- the cashiers in Target should probably thank you: Never underestimate the power of a sincere apology. Carol Bradshaw Great Story!! It pays to be gracious at every opportunity!

Mike popped out quickly and...

Lucky for you that she did beat the crap out of you!!! HA September 30, at 9: Julie Eyhorn Glad for you that humility won out. Also, I hope that some other bystander in the parking lot witnessed the whole interaction and they're telling some really odd story to their friends. Vice President Mike Pence is clearly a Mike seat asshole. But is Inwhile running for a congressional seat in Indiana, Pence maintained a campaign. frontal plane, as she lunged laterally from her own driver side seat onto the pavement.

“I probably am being an asshole,” I said with a smile. Wonderful story Mike - you are a better person for apologizing - whenever I. Michael Che, Of SNL, Gets Toasted By Mike seat asshole Chick For Being An Asshole On Dating Apps So He Releases All The Texts To Prove Her Wrong.

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