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7th circuit oral argument


Those who follow the workings of the U. Court watchers now have a new option available from the Seventh Circuit: Purdue University et al. The audio recording is also available in the normal location. Interestingly enough this case offered something of a hint as to how the court intends to use its new procedure.

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A third-party requested the recording, to which the appellant Doe consented and the appellees essentially Purdue objected all accomplished by letter. In addition, he has represented clients in internal investigations and enforcement-defense actions in the financial, health care, 7th circuit oral argument sports industries. Skip to main content. Bergeson and Carla N. November 08, Class Discovery Nightmare: Court Orders Defendant to Turn Itself Waltz and Richard B. Brecher and Eric R.

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Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals....

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Wednesday, September 19, Uncovering Violations in China. Health First … Lawyers a Solid Third! Blockchain and Data Protection: Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Public Access to Oral Argument recordings. Search by Case Number: year, number (or initial portion). Recent Arguments. On January 3, Judges Easterbrook, Sykes and Reagan (Chief Judge, Southern District of Illinois) heard one hour of oral argument about.

Effective Oral Argument. Presenters: David Hamilton, Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh.

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