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Intentional piss pants


When a Potty Emergency goes past critical, you get Potty Failure. This is a common type of Toilet Humour. May also happen if people hear a joke so funny that they have to pee themselves, or to anyone who's the victim of a Laxative Prank. Compare and contrast Excrement Statement. Compare Bring Intentional piss pants Brown Pantswhen this happens to a character whose loss of control is fright-induced.

Also compare Embarrassing Damp Sheetsfor when a character urinates or whatever else in their bed. Finally, see No Dead Body Poops for loss of control, or lack thereof, upon death. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Coogan, come over here and help! I can't; I'm peeing! Well, pee your way over here and help me move Felix! A couple of Clorox Bleach commercials have featured this: One commercial involves two dads talking and one kid is desperately trying to get his dad's attention, but they dismiss him.

Then they smell something and realize what the kid was trying to tell them. Another one has a kid in the bathroom, but he can't unbuckle a complicated belt until it's too late. Akatsuki Ousawa "Intentional piss pants" Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero can invoke this trope by using his powers to make girls lose control Intentional piss pants their bladders. From a rather embarrassing memory that Fumi has from kindergarten.

Akira came to the rescue. As revenge for a humiliating breakup, Class-E students dose the other Class-A couples tea with a powerful laxative, named Niagara Falls.

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They also make it impossible for them to make it to a bathroom, either discretely or in time. She wets herself the first time she tries to use the toilet because, out of habit, she peed while standing up. Happens a few times in Berserk.

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It's justifiable for the most part, since if you were faced with any one of the Eldritch Abominations presented in the series, you'd piss yourself too.

However, there was one part that was Played for Laughswhile Guts was fighting some snow demons to protect Intentional piss pants and she left his protective grasp.

After it was over, he wondered why she went away so suddenly Turned out she picked a great time to go number one. His captain an anthropomorphic wolf directs him to the bathroom from where he just came from, but when Tetsuzaemon sees a dog peeing on a post, he immediately assumes that was what his captain was talking about and runs out of time. The actual human bathroom was in fact next to the post.

Intentional piss pants chapter 11 Boku Girldue to a prank by Loki, Mizuki is caught above a tug-of-war rope which is pulled very vigorously by both sides causing a very tingly reaction from Mizuki. Intentional piss pants the aftermath, Mizuki wonders if he wet himself. Subverted in that, due to Mizuki having been recently Gender Bendered into a girl, it was actually something else.

Chi's Sweet Home has preschooler Yohei having an accident at the same time his mother is litter training Chi. Chi herself simply fails at first to grasp that her litter box is just that. Yoshitake from Daily Lives of High School Boys probably soiled himself frequently when he was younger, but Intentional piss pants memories of that are not attributed to the local Butt-Monkey Mitsuo.

The problem is this is not a game but a Secret Test of Character to decide which one reincarnates and which one is sent into the Void. They are meant to play until one of them loses. It lasts so long Mayu has to use the restroom but isn't allowed to stop. Too embarrassed to pee herself in front of Harada she throws herself into a pit of spikes as a 'sacrifice' but the two have been Dead All Along so nothing can kill them, and the spikes turn into balls.

"Intentional piss pants" ends up peeing herself and is more distraught over that than that she died, and switches into a kimono for the remainder of the episode as her clothes are wet. There was once this was humorously applied when Eri got Kogoro Bound and Gagged on his sofa.

When they came back, they noticed a strange smell from the sofa, which Kogoro said was "dog pee. Shinichi inadvertently embarrasses Ran when the teacher explains that he was doing that to avoid a repeat of a previous accident.

That however, was not the real reason, as the putting her Intentional piss pants to the door was intended to facilitate kidnapping Ran by placing her close to the door where the actual kidnapper would break in.

When explaining his deductions, Yusaku notes that the teacher was also drugging Ran with sleeping pills Intentional piss pants cause the original accident and justify moving her.

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Koromon defecates himself in "Almost Home Free" whilst in Duane's car, and the rest of the gang get kicked out because of this. In "Digibaby Boom" a baby Yuramon soils itself.

Second Coming Trunks is captured by Broly and is unable to hold it any more and ends up peeing on Broly's head.

a year-old on the Slotzilla...

Bulma pees herself in "Intentional piss pants" first episode of the original series, right after Goku rescues her from a monster that attacked her while she was trying to find privacy to pee in the first place. The same scene is in the manga. The scene is even present in the edited version of the anime. In Elfen LiedYuka and Kouta can't tell what is wrong when Nyuu starts showing signs of pain and moving desperately, until she ends up peeing on the floor.

The Ecchi anime Fight Ippatsu! Futaba is participating in a beauty contest. The Rival puts laxatives in her tea. Some other contestants, who don't like Futaba either, deliberately drink the unattended tea to annoy her.

I think you can guess where this is going. Keiichirou wets himself at school because he's afraid of the bathroom being haunted. In Girls BravoFukuyama blackmails Kirie into competing in his all girls fighting tournament with an embarrassing picture of her Intentional piss pants when she was little.

Frequently happens to Mikan in Go! After Kinoko inadvertently caused her to wet herself in kindergarten, Mikan spends the second half of the series trying to put Kinoko in situations of both artificial wetness and genuine wetness. Her plans inevitably backfirecausing her more embarrassment than what she had started with. The dub censors any wetting and changes the embarrassing fact to, "spilling juice on herself," which to be fair she actually does on more than one occasion.

In the first episode, "Intentional piss pants" needs to piss really badly, but thanks to a certain subway groper, well Subverted in a chapter of Ichinensei Ni NacchattaraIori a seventeen year old boy in the body of a seven year-old girlfalls asleep in class and wakes up wet.

He freaks and has to work up the guts to confess this fact to the teacher. Only after he does so is it learned he never wet himself at all, merely fell asleep under a leaky sprinkler nozzle.

Several of the girls pee their panties during fights, and some of them actually consider it an achievement to make their opponent wet herself. In Season 1, Hakufu wets herself when Ryomou is strangling her, and Chinkyu does the same when Rikaku beats her up though it's hard to notice. In Dragon Destiny, Bashoku Youjyou wets herself when Kakuka is about to rip out her heart shortly before she kills himTeni when Ryomou is strangling her, and Kan'u twice first when Genchoku weakens her with the incense, similar to the above mentioned instance with Tanfuko, and again when being tortured by Chouko.

Koichi Hirose in the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure gets kidnapped by an extreme Yandere Yukako, who is rigging the house with sadistic tests designed to help him Intentional piss pants a better student". At the end of the chapter we see Koichi desperately trying to open the lock of the bathroom, which uses as a combination the date of birth of Christopher Columbus.

The next chapter starts with Yukako depositing the just washed pants and underwear of Koichi on a table, while he looks embarrassed. Intentional piss pants for Koichi, this didn't make her dislike him, in fact she affirmed that doing his laundry made her happy.

It doesn't end well A minor one happens in Mahou Sensei Negima! After Intentional piss pants safe landing Konoka jokes how she almost wet herself The rare Played for Drama example happens in Mawaru-Penguindrum. A not-older-than-five-years-old Ringo gets up to ask either Mom or Dad to help her go to the bathroom As she watches them verbally discuss how they should deal with the loss of her sister Momoka Dad believes they should let go, Mom says she can't do itlittle Ringo quietly pees herself while standing.

The main teacher has one at the end of Chapter 1 of Sayaka Yamazaki's Psychological Horror Minusthanks to holding it all class long. Takeo from My Love Story!!

I have this habit of...

He used to hold it in a lot but one day he peed his pants. His friend Suna splashed a bucket of water on him so everyone would think he just got water on his shorts.

Kaouru, being Kaouru, actually planned for that to happen by giving her lemonade beforehand and even bound her on a sheet to prevent damaging the floor. In Narutothe title character Intentional piss pants a half hour Intentional piss pants has diarrhea and every time he has a chance to go he is interrupted by someone or something — eventually at the end he just lets it go.

The problem is she's too scared to go downstairs to use the bathroom, afraid a killer will suddenly materialize and murder her. As such, she wakes up her middle-school brother and tells him he needs to accompany her downstairs. When he refuses, she threatens to pee on the floor of his room, which grosses him out and angers him, so he just accompanies her Intentional piss pants. After she finishes, she tells him she's going to be a second.

When he asks why, she nonchalantly tells him she peed herself a little and is gonna shower. I peed myself a little.

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Something wrong with that? There's something wrong with you. A Serious House on Intentional piss pants Earth: Taken to literally insane extremes by Maxie Zeus - he strews his stool around, convinced he is fertilizing the barren Earth. In the context of his particular delusion He thinks he is God it is in fact a sacred act.

Before that, Two-Face pees himself because trying to make a decision on whether to go to the bathroom using tarot cards takes a very long time. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac has this in one of the Meanwhile's Although due to the Director's Cut, only containing the plot related stuff, you'll now find it in Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrorswhere a woman has a date with someone who suffers an extreme Potty Failure. From makeshift catheters to diapers to fake putters, drunk men have refined the art of pissing their pants in style — or more accurately, pissing.

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