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Silk thread penis


Visit for more related articles at Andrology-Open Access. Gangrene of the penis by strangulation with a metallic ring is a rare urologic emergency "Silk thread penis" preservation of urological function is the main priority. We present a case of a psychotic patient referred to the emergency department.

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We describe the medical and surgical management of this case. Please leave a message, we will get back you shortly. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Case Report Open Access. Gangrene of the Penis due to Strangulation by a Metallic Ring: Silk thread penis is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Abstract Gangrene of the penis by strangulation with a metallic ring is a rare urologic emergency where preservation of urological function is the main priority. Introduction Strangulation of the penis by a metallic object is a rare injury requiring urgent treatment due to the poor functional prognosis [ 1 ]. Several cases have been reported worldwide [ 2 ]. Items used most often are weddings rings, nuts or steel sprockets, plastic bottles for the purpose of maintaining an erection or improving sexual performance or sometimes as a result of Silk thread penis disorders [ 3 ].

The extraction of these objects is a major stress for the patient and a challenge for the practitioner [ 4 ]. We report a case of gangrene of the penis secondary to penile strangulation by a metal ring that required a surgical approach.

We describe the processing performed and surgical results. HF, aged 37, followed Silk thread penis years for schizophrenia, was admitted to the hospital of MBour Senegal for gangrene and secondary penile strangulation by a metal ring Figure 1.

Clinical examination revealed a quiet patient with inconsistent reasoning who could not explain his act. After a psychiatric evaluation, the patient was immediately taken to the operating room. General anesthetic exploration revealed penile gangrene caused by a metal ring at the root of the penis.

There was no retention of urine or urethral fistula.

(b) After Gore-Tex CV 2...

He received debridement followed by extraction of the metal ring with the introduction of a probe Folley CH 16 Figures 2 and 3.

The patient was put on low molecular weight heparin and antibiotics. The outcome was favorable Figure 4. A psychiatric consultation was made and as a result, the patient is now receiving adequate psychiatric treatment.

Reconstruction surgery was offered to the patient at a later date. Penile strangulation by a metal ring is a rare but serious trauma. It occurs usually in patients with psychiatric disorders with symptoms of self-aggression. The authors reported that several possible complications can occur including: These complications depend on the duration and severity of compression [ 4 ]. For tight Silk thread penis, ischemia and necrosis settled early [ 1 ].

Treatment should be pressing [ 6 ]. The first step Silk thread penis ablation of compression by metal hardware under anesthesia.

threads alone, and with fat...

The technique used depends on the hardness and the shape of the ring. In this case "Silk thread penis" cutters were used. Ischemic and necrotic wound edges were debrided and a careful examination of the urethra is carried out in search of a fistula. The addressing the severity of the psychiatric disorder is essential in these patients, as post-operative care and prevention of further urological emergencies is dependent on continued mental stability of the patient.

Conclusion Gangrene of Silk thread penis penis due to strangulation by a metal ring is diagnosed, in generally, diagnosed in patients who are psychologically unbalanced. It is a rare and requires emergency surgical intervention and psychiatric treatment and follow-up.

Report of 3 cases]. Detweiler MB Penile incarceration with metal objects--a review of procedure choice based on penile trauma grade. Scand J UrolNephrol Santucci RA, Deng D, Carney J Removal of metal penile foreign body with a widely available emergency-medical-services-provided air-driven grinder.

Kimber RM, Mellon JK The role of special cutting equipment and corporeal aspiration in "Silk thread penis" treatment of penile incarceration with a barbell retaining collar. J Sex Med 5: Vijayan P Gangrene of the penis in a diabetic male with multiple amputations and follow up. Indian J Urol Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Can't read the image?

Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. threads alone, and with fat together as lipo-Gore-Tex in the penis with satisfactory results [ 3, 4]. Penile Thread Enhancement. Threads, Silk No 2/0 or. The silken thread being fastened round the penis, or to proper tapes, prevents the tube from slipping farther into the urethra or becoming impacted there. Gangrene of the penis by strangulation with a metallic ring is a rare urologic coil of the penis by a silk thread on which the ring slips progressively [].

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