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Discoloration of vagina lips


Hey guys, we wanted to address some concern over this topic. Our goal is to give details for those who may wish to, by sharing expert advice from a leading dermatologist. One common question we always get asked whenever we do a DIY lightening hack is… can you use it on your lady parts? To which we often answer that this area is super sensitive, and you should avoid it. But, because so many of you guys have been reaching out, we wanted to give you the full scoop.

The idea behind yogurt is that it has lactic acid in, which is a mild exfoliant, but again not in a Discoloration of vagina lips enough concentration to make a difference to skin pigment. Coconut oil is fine to be used, it contains "Discoloration of vagina lips" acids and vitamin E that can brighten skin, but it would take years to see results.

Hey my love To minimize stretch marks firstly make sure you drink up! Staying well hydrated by drinking enough water helps the hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin hold water and have greater elasticity. Also make sure you moisturize regularly: Oils are fine as well.

Simple things like coconut and olive oil have excellent fatty acids and some antioxidants that are amazing.

Your vulva is the outer...

We hope this helps xx. Thanks for the article…. FYI, white lady here with hyper pigment on my face and resently noticed on my lady Discoloration of vagina lips. My Gyno advised me that this is part of aging as our hormones change. Grow up and stop being so sensitive. Thank you for this article.

The article did not say Discoloration of vagina lips women should do this. I personally have always feel very insecure about the darkening in that area. For me this is due to PCOS. I did not have large area of hyperpigmentation there prior to this. I mean this goes all the way down my thighs. So personally, it is "Discoloration of vagina lips" problem. This article was to help and give advice for the ones asking for it. People are so sensitive and are trying to make it seem like if they have to do it.

Trolling is not your strong suit I see. I try to blend with concealer and full coverage foundation to my whole neck so my makeup looks right and within 2 hours the hyper-pigmentation of my neck comes through. Someone wanting to lighten out a specific area to match the rest of their body is NOT the same as doing your whole body.

No different than elbows or knees or hyper-pigmentation on your cheeks etc. Hyperpigmentation- darkened patches or spots on the skin. If you are white and have dark spots, or if you are Hispanic with dark spots or Asian with dark spots, or African with dark spots or any other color with darks spots that do not match your skin tone means you have hyperpigmentation….

Why do people have to be so rude all the time to everyone??? Oh ya, because you bigger personal issue that you need help with. Much love Huda for giving Discoloration of vagina lips great information for a lot of woman around the world and always being so friendly and kind.

Spread love not hate. I dont see anyhing wrong with the article whats so ever! I feel like shes just anwering some ladies concerns about why our lady parts do get darker.

Some ladies need to be educated. Not once did she state its ugly and you have to CHANGE it If you dont like the artifle simple move on to the next people Theres crazier shit out there. What happens when you see a post about acne? Will you be outraged that the writer is encouraging you to change your body? Acne is natural just like this problem and a reaction like that would just be ridiculous.

So disappointed that this is being taken out of preportion. Must be nice to not know how hyper-pigmentation works on any part of your body. If she were talking about elbows or neck there would be no outrage.

Find a fact sheet

I knew it was possible tout lighten private zone. When she post article about a subject, it does not concern every woman on this planet, it concern people who are looking for a solution about that, if it does not concern you, go read the next article. I would like to thank you because not a lot of people are talking about that, even if we are in And this article is for those people, who need an answer.

Be critical when reading an article, seriously. At last I got a professional answer, so thank you and keep your good work. Much love from Belgium. They really created a mountain out of a molehill with this one. The writer of this article does not know that a vagina is internal and Discoloration of vagina lips viewed without a speculum or other way to hold it open.

Editors who buy articles to publish usually are better informed than this. Makes you doubt the validity of the whole collection of articles. So if I have uneven skin tone and I want to know how to make my skin look even, then how is this disgusting???!!!! I really dont see how people be makeing a problem out of an informative article.

So if my knees and ellbows are dull and darker then the rest of my body, it is considered disgusting to know of any treatments that could solve this. If it aint a problem for you then dont riddicule it for someone else. I dont want to do this for no man. I personally care for my face so well and use foundation to even out my skin. Why cant I do that for my body???

She is not advocating anything. This is an informative article for something you dont need or want then just leave it. Except she gave us information that was asked for by her followers! Look man I have nothing against lightening lady bits, you do you boo. The issue is that she is asking us to put lemon juice and other potentially harmful things near our vulvas, which can cause serious injuries.

They know what they are doing and spent years in school studying this. This advice is only for very attractive and well-off women that are in great shape and competing with other very attractive and well-off women. If you find this article Discoloration of vagina lips, then you are clearly not the target audience and you should probably ignore it altogether.

Just keep it clean, tight, and reasonably well groomed and no man even the tall, wealthy, powerful men who can pick and choose will have a problem with it. Thank you for this! I think some people are taking your article out of proportion, you are not advocating lighting the vagina but giving helpful advice to those like me who want to help lighten the area!

Once again thank you! Are you fuckin insane?!?!?!?! Seriously did somebody have a stroke and then wrote this shit? Definitely agree with what you said. Hi gorgeous, we completely agree that lightening this area is not something that needs to be done, but this is a personal issue that many women have expressed to us.

We really appreciate you sharing your concern. Love Team HB xx. This is our most sacred and natural parts. I agree with axenya this was super jolting for me to see this article here. Hyper-pigmentation is a problem. Or no one would color correct when they do their makeup. Stop being disingenuous marwayounis: Der z nothing known as vaginal skin.

D external part of female genitalia is known as vulva. Sat, 7 Apr Reach your ideal weight: Excess weight can lead to friction, which can cause darkening. Using a good moisturizer will help keep the Discoloration of vagina lips healthy and optimized, which reduces darkening. Coconut oil is fine to use for this purpose.

Discoloration of vagina lips as well as Discoloration of vagina lips treatments that can irritate the area. They can be used once or twice a day and may help any DIY treatments work better. What did you use to lighten it? I desperately need a free palette for my dream!

Lichen sclerosus can also cause...

Try the same things mentioned in the article. Discoloration of vagina lips is quite common for the labia and the area right around the opening. I'm 32, and I have a discolored area around my vagina. It doesn't hurt or anything, but. Everything you need to know about how to lighten your vagina. Why can the vulva be much darker than other areas of the body? “The problem with vaginal skin . 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Lip Fillers.

Untitled However wrinkly or smooth or flappy or bumpy your vagina is, it is a Not Normal: Skin of the labia discolored with white patches can be a sign.

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