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Examples of sexual immorality


Do you remember the scandal that involved President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? He had a sexual relationship with a young intern in his office while he was serving as President.

There was a lot of debate at the time. It was interesting to note that when interviewed about the affair most people felt that Examples of sexual immorality was Examples of sexual immorality private matter and no one had the right to judge or comment. What people were really saying was that they didn't feel they had the right to make a moral judgment on the conduct of another. This is because we have come to a point in our history where morality has become a "relative" thing and can no longer be judged objectively.

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In other words, I have my morality and you have yours, and what we aim to do is not find what is right but rather find out how to respect each other's morality and privacy.

The worst sin is not adultery, it is intolerance of another's set of moral values. Of course, as Christians we have long held that there is Examples of sexual immorality objective set of values and morals established by God that are recorded in the Examples of sexual immorality. It was upon these values and moral standards that the United States was first established, and later used as the foundation for all of our laws and social systems.

Because nation has lived by these values for several centuries, it has become rich and powerful. And I dare say that undermining these core values will eventually lead to the loss of greatness and the weakening of our position in the world. America will not be the first nation to lose its way because of the sexual sins of its leaders and lack of high morals Examples of sexual immorality its laws.

Ancient Greece and Rome suffered the loss of their empires largely due to the decrease of social morality. Even God's chosen people, the Jews, were destroyed as a nation largely due to their foray into pagan religions which often included forbidden sexual practices.

Our task as Christians is to do what we have always done, and that is to speak the truth in love in reminding our world that God's laws and God's value system never change. In this chapter, therefore, I'd like to talk about sexual immorality and what God's word says about today's attitude and practice in this area of human behavior.

Recently I read an article stating that "adultery" was our culture's most acceptable sin. I believe the author was using the word adultery in the broad sense referring to all forms of sexual immorality, and not the more narrow Biblical idea of sex outside of marriage.

Sex is exploited through pornography and other forms of media. We are truly becoming what Peter described as a people "having eyes full of adultery," II Peter 2: We've become desensitized to nudity, public intercourse and sexual activity on TV, in books, etc. Extra marital affairs are no longer seen as a terrible sin but rather a transitional experience. And yet the Bible says that, "adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Premarital sex is no longer considered as fornication I Thessalonians 4: Today the effort is to promote "safe" premarital sex, not abstinence from premarital sex.

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Christians have known for a long time that the safest sex is that which is practiced by life partners in a committed relationship of marriage.

And what about marriage?

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Today we see nothing wrong with couples living together without the commitment of marriage vows. When questioned, they say that their relationship is as good as, and the same as marriage. Examples of sexual immorality, they quickly concede that if they get tired of their partner it is a Examples of sexual immorality easier to leave because they don't have to deal with a divorce since they are not united legally.

These people want it both ways. They want the benefits that come with a secure life commitment, but refuse to take the step to actually make a commitment in a legal marriage vow.

There are so many other examples of the lowering of sexual morals that we don't have time to cover:. In every area of sexual immorality the effort is to lower the Biblical standard or do away with it all together.

We are entering an age where there is sexual anarchy and, unfortunately, our society will pay a heavy price for this. Witness the destruction of Mr. Clinton's Presidency, his honor as a man, the ties of his family and his place in history, all for a few moments of sexual pleasure. Adultery is unhealthy to the body. Those with AIDS and venereal diseases can tell of the suffering their improper sexual relations have caused them. Look at our inner cities Examples of sexual immorality we will see that at the root of many problems are the unwanted babies being cared for by unmarried women who were not able to put off their sexual activity until marriage.

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Observe the many broken homes in every community and note that families are destroyed because one partner searches for sexual adventure outside their home and marriage. So much of the guilt, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression suffered by so many in our society today can be traced back to improper sexual activity regretted by those who suffer emotionally long after the sexual encounters are gone.

We are still suffering from the problems caused by the so called sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's, and we Examples of sexual immorality paying the price for breaking Examples of sexual immorality the walls that protected us from the ravages of sexual sin.

The problem that occurs when you have relative morality is that you cannot objectively determine what is truly and universally right or wrong. The net result is that you cancel out the notion that real sin exists. It follows that if there is no real sin only relative sin then there is no need for a real savior, real forgiveness or personal redemption.

In our society, Jesus becomes a kind of benign spiritual teacher and cheerleader to help us be our best selves and live happily in this world; not our crucified Savior. In this kind of environment:. The problem here is that sin is sin whether a person acknowledges it or not, and sin has its effects whether a person realizes it or not. For example, let's say that a two year old boy playing "Superman" decides to jump from a balcony on the second floor of his house thinking that since he is wearing the red Superman cape he will take to the air like his hero in the movies.

The little boy does not understand the principle of gravity; all he knows is that he is wearing the cape, and like Superman, he should be able to fly. Of course, we know what will happen. Even though he is ignorant of the law of gravity, this ignorance will not protect him. If he jumps he will fall because the law of gravity works whether people acknowledge it or not.

It Examples of sexual immorality the same with sexual or any other kind of sin. There is a universal and absolute law regarding sin, "The wage of sin is death" Romans 6: In other words, if you sin disobey God's commandsnot only will you suffer physical death, as all do eventually, but you will also be subject to spiritual death because you will be judged and condemned as a guilty sinner.

Everyone is subject to God's spiritual laws in the same way that we are all subject to physical laws, whether we know them or agree with them, or not. In today's culture, people are suffering from the ravages of sexual sins. Disease, depression, shame, broken lives and families. But because they refuse to see these as sin, they also refuse to look for and find the solution for their ailment which is forgiveness from God. That same verse, Romans 6: God extends forgiveness and eternal life to all who come to Christ in faith, but that faith requires us to acknowledge that our problem is sin.

There is no forgiveness without repentance, and there can be no repentance unless we recognize and acknowledge that we have broken God's laws. You can't have the liberating experience of total forgiveness without the conscious confession of real sin.

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One is impossible without the other. It is sin, and will have physical, psychological and especially spiritual consequences I Corinthians 6: Sexual sin is always wrapped up in a very attractive package so you will feel that it is somehow acceptable, even desirable; but make no mistake, a sin is a sin no matter how it's presented. Essentially, the temptation is to step beyond the boundaries that God has established in the matter of human sexuality sexual intimacy within marriage only.

There are a variety of sexual sins, but in the end they are all the same: So when sexual situations occur, know what is really happening: Everyone is tempted to disobey God in the matter of sex.

Christians, however, deal with this matter differently because they are motivated by the desire to be "holy," and not just the desire to be gratified sexually. Sex is part of our lives Examples of sexual immorality must take its proper place within our lives so that we can maintain our holiness. God has created us as sexual beings and this element in our nature serves our emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. We need to remember, however, that our primary goal is to be holy, not sexually fulfilled.

When these two needs collide, the need to be holy should take precedence. For example, you are single, you have sexual needs. What are your options? The last option is the best because it will give you what the first two won't: Someone will say, but what about sexual satisfaction? The problem here is that sexual satisfaction obtained through activity Examples of sexual immorality disobeys God's commands is temporary and, especially for the Christian, not worth the loss of joy and peace that come with it.

Being holy before God is much more satisfying over a much longer period with much greater rewards than the fleeting pleasure of sex obtained in a sinful way see Hebrews God understands that we are subject to sexual temptation; this is nothing new. Note that Paul says that when we are tempted, we should look for the way God provides that will enable us to endure. When we are tempted in anything, including sexual temptation, God is there to guide us through, showing us the way out without falling.

He does not remove the temptation, He guides us through the danger. Most times, however, we are not listening or just doing what we want to do. But if we call out to God, He will show us a way out that may include:. Whatever and whenever it comes, temptation to sin cannot overpower us if we look for the way out that God provides. Sexual immorality is a temptation for both those who are married and single.

For singles who need intimacy and seek partners, the temptation to easy or casual sex is great in our sexually immoral society; but casual sex is not a good way to find serious partners. For marrieds who may be bored or in conflict with their spouse, sexual adventure outside of marriage or divorce may seem attractive. We should realize, however, that disobeying God in sexual matters is sin, and God warns Examples of sexual immorality that all sins will be punished.

With sexual sins the negative results often start here and then finish with the loss of our souls. Obeying God, on the other hand, brings the great reward of salvation and eternal life. Paul summarizes the issue in I Corinthians in a most practical way. In closing, let me say that I encourage both married and single people to strive for holiness when tempted, and allow God to guide you during these times.

Page identifies specific sin and consequences for each example. Indulged in gross sexual immorality with "strange flesh"; Abandoned proper place of power. Sexual Immorality: Learn more about the 10 most common illicit sexual practices. April 21, at AM. The person that accepts an evil thought always. From this Greek word we get the English Examples of sexual immorality pornography, stemming from the concept of “selling off.” Sexual immorality is the “selling off” of sexual purity and.

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