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Tech safety app


Kristina Anderson was a sophomore at Virginia Tech when she was shot "Tech safety app" in the back and once in the foot on April 16, Six years after the massacre, Anderson, 25, has dedicated herself to promoting campus safety and is part of a team that believes technology can save lives.

Anderson is launching a free smartphone app called LiveSafe available on iTunes in mid-May to Tech safety app and Tech safety app students on campuses during emergencies, something that she wished she'd had that April morning. Even though the first shooting occurred around 7: A notification from the campus police might have changed her fate, Anderson said.

The app, created and cofounded by Anderson, Shy Pahlevani and Samier Mansur, is like a crime watch for smartphones: It connects students and campus police in a two-way dialogue and enables information to be shared instantaneously.

Students can anonymously record crime-scene audio, video and images tagged with GPS information for investigators and officials. In the event of a major emergency, the LiveSafe technology filters through the various tips and creates buckets, prioritizing events and emergencies.

So if someone is reporting an active shooter, for instance, that incident would be put on the top of the list, and dispatchers could create work flows for respondents from there. Although technology has great potential, social media is already heavily used in times of emergency. This month, the Cal State L.

There's an app for everything,...

Still, many students complained they didn't receive information on the bomb threat through the university's text or email emergency notification system.

LiveSafe is currently focused on creating partnerships with school districts and police departments. The company also wants to resell and distribute its services to emergency equipment makers, software companies and crime analysis services. An app for devices running the Android operating system should be "Tech safety app" shortly after the Apple iOS version is released next month.

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Mango Health app tries to make managing meds fun and games. April 28, By Jessica Naziri. A screen grab of the interface for the "Tech safety app" app. Selling stuff just got a little easier with Sold Start-up Sunday: KillSwitch app wipes out painful reminders on Facebook Start-up Sunday: Seizure Led to FloJo's Death.

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Copyright Los Angeles Times. We're thrilled to announce the release of our Tech Safety App! The Tech Safety App is Tech safety app educational mobile app that helps users identify how.

Check out our technology safety toolkits!. that are able to connect with other devices and to be controlled remotely through a device or app. Welcome to the Tech Safety App. This app contains information that can help someone identify technology-facilitated harassment, stalking, or abuse and.

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