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Regular Show also known as Regular Show in Space during its eighth season [3] is an American animated television sitcom created by J. Quintel for Cartoon Network that aired from September 6,to January 16, The series revolves around the lives of two working-class friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.

They usually try to solve a simple problem but then it leads to a surreal, extreme, and often supernatural misadventure. During these misadventures, they interact with the show's other main characters: Many of Regular Show 's characters were loosely based on those developed for Quintel's student films at California Institute of the Arts: The project was green-lit and it premiered on September 6, As of Maythe program has been watched by approximately 2 to 2.

The series has received positive reviews from critics and has developed a following of all ages. Regular Show has been nominated for several awards, including seven Annie Awardssix Primetime Emmy Awards —one of which it won for the episode "Eggscellent" season 3, episode 18 and three British Academy Children's Awards. A film based on the series, titled Regular Show: The Moviepremiered in After eight seasons and episodes, the series concluded on Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup 16, with the one-hour finale " A Regular Epic Final Battle ".

The series revolves around the daily lives of two year-old friends, Mordecai a blue jayand Rigby a raccoon. They work as groundskeepers at a parkand spend their days trying to avoid work and entertain themselves by any means.

What happened to CJ and...

Regular Show largely grew out of creator J. Quintel's life and experiences in college. Both originated as part of a game called "hour films", in which students put words into a hat, pulled out one word at midnight and spent a weekend developing ideas for a film.

Quintel concurrently worked on Camp Lazlo and as creative director on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack while completing his degree. He was later invited to pitch for Cartoon Network's Cartoonstitutea project to showcase short films created without the interference of network executives and focus testing[11] [12].

Regular Show is an American...

Quintel returned to the characters from his films, put them together with newer characters and created a pilot. The project was eventually scrapped and never premiered on television. He liked the design and developed the character of Rigby to be far less responsible than his companion. The show is inspired Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup some British television series and video games. Episodes are produced using storyboarding and hand-drawn animation, and each episode takes roughly nine months to create.

Quintel recruited several independent comic book artists to draw the show's animated elements; their style matched closely Quintel's ideas for the series. The show's soundtrack comprises original music composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and licensed songs.

While preparing for the beginning of the show, Quintel looked for young, independent, comic artists to compose the show's storyboard artists; he thought that the style would closely match that of Regular Show.

He looked through blogs and convention panels for the "total package", which he said was the ability to write and draw; something that many independent comic book artists possess.

In addition, Quintel attended many open shows at CalArts—an eight-hour festival of student animation. The process of writing a script for Regular Show begins with the staff writers playing "writers games" for inspiration to find an idea that they find enjoyable.

The script is then shown to the network executives, who give notes on what should be added or changed. The plot generally begins with a basic problem that the characters must overcome. While the protagonists work on their task, a magical, supernatural, or strange element appears and complicates the initially simple problem. This direction led the crew to use adult-oriented humor with innuendos and drug and alcohol references because they wanted to cater for both the younger and adult audiences.

The writers generally make these jokes subtle. The show also makes use of sub-textual adult humor through Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup. One of the program's storyboard artists, Calvin Wong, said that he enjoys the limitations set by writing for the show since the adult-oriented jokes that are approved are satisfying.

The plots of the episodes are influenced by the writers' and Quintel's personal experiences, such as performing prank telephone calls or accepting an eating challenge from a restaurant. The show often references s culture, using music and electronic devices from that era because many factors from the decade left a positive influence on Quintel.

Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup voice acting of the series is relatively low-key, and the intention was to make most of the characters sound natural and conversational. The Regular Show cast record their lines together in group as opposed to individual recording sessions for each actor; this is to help the show's dialogue sound natural. Each episode of Regular Show takes about nine months to complete. Quintel and his member team develop each episode at Cartoon Network Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup in Burbank, California.

The show's assets backgrounds, character designs, props are then assembled to be sent to Saerom Animation in South Korea, where the actual animation production of the episode is performed. When finished, the episode is sent to Sabre Media Studios back in California. Music and sound effects are created and the final episode is mixed and completed. The process allows the production team to work concurrently on dozens of episodes at different stages of production.

Although most modern animation has switched to hybrid methods such as the CintiqRegular Show has been described as "far more low-fi ", and is animated traditionally by hand using paper which is then digitally composited and painted with digital ink and paint.

Although Cintiqs were initially optioned to be used for the program, Quintel has stated that he has felt more comfortable working on paper, considering it to be more organic and more representative of each artist's individual style. Board artist Calvin Wong said, "the tools of the trade as being pencils, pens, white out and occasionally light boxes and electric erasers". Regular Show has no regular theme music; instead at the beginning of each episode, a blurred sound provided by Quintel followed by a ticking a clock is heard over the title cards.

As Quintel was developing the pilot he considered asking Mothersbaugh to create the music for the show. The episode's animatic was sent to Mothersbaugh along with a request for him to join the show's staff and crew. Regular Show will occasionally make use of licensed songs—mostly from the s; this began when Quintel and the staff writers started recording the animatics using copyrighted songs for the montage scenes.

The network executives watched the animatic and asked the crew if they wanted to use some of the songs for the finished episodes. Quintel enjoys using the songs in the episodes because adult viewers might remember them and younger viewers might appreciate older music.

The show also produces original songs which are used on the episodes. These are generally composed by Mothersbaugh and written by one of the staff's storyboard artists. The first season began on September 6,with the episode "The Power" and ended on November 22,with "Mordecai and the Rigbys".

Mordecai and Rigby had cameo appearances on the Uncle Grandpa episode "Pizza Eve", along with other Cartoon Network characters from currently running and ended cartoons.

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Regular Show became an instant hit. Its first and second seasons, broadcast on Monday nights, ranked number one in its time slot among all key boy demos across all of television according to Nielsen Media Research. For instance, the entry was viewed by 1. It was also watched bychildren aged 9—14; a 43 percent increase. The Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup premiere, "Ello Gov'nor", marked a decline from the first-season premiere's figures.

Kevin McFarland, The A. Regular Show received critical acclaim from critics. A reviewer from IGNR. Shaffer, called the show zany, absurd, bizarre, and hilarious. He praised the show's writing, and said that it included "snappy dialogue, odd characters, and clever stories—each more irrelevant than the last— Regular Show never ceases to tickle the funny bone". DVD Talk' s Neil Lumbrad described the show Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup "offbeat sense of humor with a lot of randomness that makes its title both peculiar and hilarious" and compared it to the original Looney Tunes shorts and other cartoons—including The Powerpuff GirlsDexter's Laboratoryand Johnny Bravo —which Cartoon Network has produced.

He wrote that the network has found "animated gold with Regular Showwhich is too offbeat and unique to be called regular" and that it is a "comedic animated gem worthy of being discovered for years to come". Club ' s critic, Alasdair Wilkins, said that compared to Cartoon Network's other animated comedy, Adventure Timehe does not consider the series to be funny, and describing it as "more pleasingly weird".

Kevin McFarland, also of The A. Clubsaid that he considers the series a thrill to watch; he complemented the animation style, the characters, and the use of motifs. In JanuaryBoom! Studios announced that it would develop a comic book series based on the show and that KC Green would be writing the script and Allison Strejlav would be in charge of the illustrations.

The first issue officially was released on May 15, A series of original graphic novels began publication in On April 8,J. Quintel announced on his Twitter page that an official Regular Show video game was in development at the time, which is titled Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby In 8-Bit Land. The video game was released on October 29, Mordecai and Rigby became playable characters in a video game called Cartoon Network: Jazwares has produced an assortment of 2- [57] 6- [58] 7- [59] and inch licensed action figures and plush toys for the series.

After accidentally creating a "Timenado," slacker groundskeepers Mordecai and Rigby go back in time and battle an evil volleyball coach in order to save the universe — and their friendship. It was released to digital download on September 1,it was also released to DVD by Warner Home Video on October 13,and had its television premiere on November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Regular Show Regular Show logo.

Regular Show is an American...

List of Regular Show characters. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The series employs the voice acting talents of Mark Hamill left and Steven Blum rightamong others.

List of Regular Show episodes. Regular Show Season 2: Retrieved 8 September College Student (graduated as of Rigby's Graduation Day Special) While Lewis was pitching jokes and lines for the character, Regular Show creator J.G. Muscle Man's trailer) shows a connection (like in "Return of Mordecai and the. Regular Show is an American animated television sitcom created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon. The character Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup Rigby was randomly developed when Quintel drew a .

He said that the episodes' plots can occasionally be too complex to explore completely in the show's 11 minutes, and also said that the usual story setup. What happened to CJ and Margaret in the future? i mean It seems Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup stupid just to have Mordecai randomly hook up with Rigby still ends up with Eileen.

Regular show has always mirrored real life situations.

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Dinner With Margaret I Regular Show I Cartoon Network

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Regular show mordecai and...

One of the program's storyboard artists, Calvin Wong, said that he enjoys the limitations set by writing for the show since the adult-oriented jokes that are approved are satisfying. He was later invited to pitch for Cartoon Network's Cartoonstitute , a project to showcase short films created without the interference of network executives and focus testing , [11] [12].

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Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup

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Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup

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  • College Student (graduated as of Rigby's Graduation Day Special) While Lewis was pitching jokes and...
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Regular show mordecai and margaret hookup

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