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Sexy bachelorette games


When your bestie gets married, it will be a year of fun-filled parties. From the engagement party, Sexy bachelorette games the bridal shower, and of course to the fun filled bachelorette party, or as it is known in Canada, the stagette.

Chances are you will be in charge of making it a memorable night! You must read on to hear how the whole event came to life, and of course there are more great ideas in the full gallery all photographed by Kristilee Parish Photography.

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Carolyn had scoured Pinterest for hours and came to me with "Sexy bachelorette games" many cute details and it was so much fun bringing it to life. I loved the idea of creating a Bachelorette party that was not of the typical nature or design. With the help of some of Edmonton's finest vendors I was able to make Carolyn's vision a realty.

Some of my favourite details of the day included the "Drink Me" labels on each straw, the streamer and ribbon backdrop for the head table and of course the Bride and Maid of Honor themselves.

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Thank you ladies for allowing me to be a part of this very sweet celebration! Vodka Pink Lemonade Ingredients for one cocktail, increase for more. Add the ingredients in the order listed below, garnish with a lemon wedge and serve with a striped straw. My sister and maid of honor, Carolyn, began planning my bachelorette party 6 months in advance.

I was told from the beginning I was not allowed to know a single detail. Over those 6 months I kept on trying to guess what we could possibly be doing or why a bachelorette party could possibly take a whole 6 months to plan. When the day finally arrived, I went over to my sisters and began getting my makeup done. All the curtains we closed and Sexy bachelorette games was instructed that I could not look outside. It had started to rain a little and I could sense a slight sense of panic coming from my sister, my mom and Stacey the event planner.

When the rain finally went away, the backyard was revealed to me. My breath was completely taken away The backyard had been completely transformed into a cocktail area with a drinks table, sweets table, food table and tables that party guests could lounge around.

The attention to detail was out of this world, including little gift Sexy bachelorette games for each of the guests. After a few hours an extravagant party bus came to pick us up and we were off for a great night of dancing and bottle service at a local piano bar. Best sister ever award!

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12 Naughty Games That People Play At Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties paper containing categories ranging Sexy bachelorette games celebrities with the sexiest. Looking for fun bachelorette party games? Check out the Sexy Slang Bachelorette Challenge, Naughty Charades and Sexy Slang apps!. Our Bachelorette Games feature who knows the bride best and other pecker themed and cheer as the ladies make the most of this sexy double sided poster .