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Runescape quick chat this is not a dating site


Future updates coming to RuneScape. Common Posts To Avoid. Information for returning players. Discontinued Flairs - Change your flair text. Mobile users can read the full rules here. J-Mod reply Probably the most passive-aggressive line of Quick Chat in the entire game i. I used to be a bully and tell people to open the quick chat interface and type "gpd4": Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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The official Old School RuneScape Twitter account. . a couple shattering crystals at the crystal tree, i did the "this is not a dating site" quick chat hahahahha !. Quick Chat. Chatting in RuneScape is a major part of the game; whether it's to interact with the community, conduct trades or simply keep in touch with your.January 29, (UTC) This is not a dating site. --Aburnett(Talk)January 29, (UTC) Notice how they misspelled RuneScape.

Not even Jagex.


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