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Dirty sluts on facebook


Hey guys, let's use reddit for the primary purpose of complaining about reddit, but once in a while I'll venture out of my SRS cave and I won't understand why everyone hates me when I do nothing but bitch about things with my gang of feminists that are liberal with their downvotes! Who says stupidity is limited to teenagers? It appears other age groups enjoy this kind of stuff too. Repost from an OP who 1 Uses the l language on Facebook 4 f3w seconds?

I've observed that most of the people in any given population are dumber than dog shit. I'm not sure why this is, but it always seems to work out that way.

Fucking hell, it just got worse and worse. Bad joke, shamelessly self-promoting it, and having that horrible language option. How does this have upvotes? I felt like i was getting dumber by looking at this bullshit.

Hey hey hey, the OP has all the dirty words censored, let's honor that and keep this thread PG because apparently this slut is too young to handle bad words. Can someone tell why sometimes, screen captures of facebook have douchey "me gusta" instead of "like" and shit like that? Second, is it a reskin or Well, it might be in Spanish Dirty sluts on facebook me gusta is proper, but otherwise I completely agree, why would you have that?

On the Spanish version it's spelled: Either that or a simple script. I'm having trouble understanding why men seem to want to make "slut" a derogatory term. I shouldn't have pointed out men exclusively, but I think people understand the point I am trying to make. A man doesn't want someone who's a dirty whore, they want someone who's their dirty whore. The main people who slut shame are women because it doesn't matter what a girl is like From a man's perspective, a promiscuous woman is a low value partner, because she's liable to cheat in the future, and you risk being the victim of paternity fraud.

From a woman's perspective, a promiscuous woman diminishes her and every other woman's value in the sexual market-place by giving away valuable goods for little or nothing. Why wouldn't I be? Surely the logic is pretty straightforward. Think about how easy it would be for a woman to wait for marriage before having sex if she wanted to, now vs a hundred years ago. The other one is even more obvious, I think. But there's also research indicating that the more sexual partners a woman has before she gets married, the less likely the marriage is to last.

This Dirty sluts on facebook analysis with "sexual markets" only work for the homo oeconomicus who can't feel love or friendship even in the marriage. For the second point I really need the actual numbers, otherwise it can only count as your personal opinion. Third we live in the presence, not years Dirty sluts on facebook women don't need marriage anymore to survive, so why shouldn't they Dirty sluts on facebook around as much as they want?

Sorry for the grammar. I shouldn't have pointed out men exclusively, but it is definitely not just women that do that. Serious, like who care what some fucking girl is doing?

Ugh, and I hate that I still have to say this but girls can do whatever they want with their bodies, yes it was dumb on her part to post it to her own Facebook, but it was just plain ignorant of you to post this to Reddit, Grow up. Didn't even need to think of a new title either. Thanks for the new content!

I have an idea. That might clean this shit up a bit. This was on about the 3rd page. We should hold a vote, maybe two, to see if a majority of people consistently agree with the idea, and if they do Dirty sluts on facebook should follow up on it. I can't upvote this because OP has their Facebook set to some leet shit. I thought that dumbass fuckery was over.

Now I will tell the whole internets what a slut she is for not sucking my cock and she will finally see what a great guy I really am! Dam that slut got a big forehead.

All I read was the first 3 word and saw her pic and Dirty sluts on facebook was enough for me. I think this is fake, you want to know why? It's a screen cap from Facebook, with correct spelling and grammar, and a poem that actually rhymes. There's no way that that will ever happen on Facebook. Do ANY girls realize that a big genuine smile Dirty sluts on facebook way sexier than "the pretty pouty face?

Seriously, this is the same bullshit as "Oh, girls are prettier without makeup! Fuck, maybe she likes making a pouty face because it's silly. Girls aren't always doing everything so that dudes will want to bone them. You live on a strange universe. Maybe you should try talking to a woman, such as your mother, about it.

Then again, your mom's trying to get me to fuck her all the time, so maybe you just proved your point. You state that girls are not always doing this thing. I state that they are doing this thing most of Dirty sluts on facebook time, using the inversion of your sarcasm to rhetorical effect. How does this get some many upvotes?

This shit is far from funny, there are 0 funny comments and apparently it's a repost. Am I the only fucking person on Reddit who doesn't give a shit what 14 year old douche nuggets post on FB? Basically, the average redditor is wholly unexceptional, poor, and alone. Keep proving the rest of the world wrong guys. Why the fuck everyone coninue posting facebook shit here, while we already have special subreddit for this statusses?

I don't give a shit about this people. Yes, they are egocentric, stupid, amoral etc etc. I don't know them, i live on another continent and never create FB account just to say "You dumb, bitch" to them. So why the fuck you, guys, continue post this shit in this holy public place? Or alien human hybrid?

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