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Jill scott interracial dating


There were a ton of articles I contemplated posting, and I had some good ones lined up for "Jill scott interracial dating," but we broke stride and went with current affairs. Jill touched on some points and I first want to commend her and state that few women have articulated why they feel a certain way about interracial dating so well. Jill you my homegirl and I got all your albums, but I will have to respectfully disagree with you. Jill Scott was not brought up racist, but like most Black people in our country, we need to admit that we were brought up as racialists.

While you may not be in a Jill scott interracial dating to exert power over another race, you have been raised attributing certain outcomes in life to race. Black women have adapted to the times, they have evolved so much in the last 20, 30, or 50 years, therefore it has to be okay for the men to do so as well.

Words from a Mixed Girl:...

As a Black man when you are born you get a download of information, similar to when Neo receives training in the Matrix. Jill Scott spoke about how it feels to see a Black man with a white woman, and the cross she has to bear. No one will take that away from you, sister. Let us be great.

Give us the ability to make choices in life, and we will afford you that same. We dig that the world is full of amazing options. My sincere advice to all Black women is that they Jill scott interracial dating belaboring on this point. I for one am biologically hard wired not to like, crush, care, look, etc at another human being who has no interest in me.

In the romantic sense.

Intrigued, I clicked the accompanying...

BTW, they gave her an actual column from the beginning of the year. Its kind of sorta semi permanent I believe. I agree with you Dr. I have my opinions about interracial dating as it pertains to me, but I don't give a ripe fig what anyone else chooses to do. I don't understand why does.

Could not agree more with that statement. We are so busy tearing each other down that we will never enjoy each other. So what if someone has preferences? You probably would not date them anyway!

I understand where Jill is coming from. She Jill scott interracial dating, "there is a quiet pain". Although, there is essentially nothing I can do about a black man preferring or loving a white woman. It does make me "wince" too as Jill stated, when I hear about a successful black man, first time married…and its becky.

I understand love finds you and color should not matter…but, I feel a certain way and it does Jill scott interracial dating back to the history of this country and slavery, its years removed, YES.

Commentary: Jill Scott Talks Interracial...

But there are still repercussions from it, we are still feeling the fallout…. Don't get me wrong, I understand the black man is going to date who he will. I am not hateful about it. I'm not going to make a big stink over it. I'm over it, but alot of black women feel this way. Its just a fact so it must be addressed. But just because it bothers you doesn't mean it has to be addressed. In reality, interracial dating is not the problem with the black family.

And these couples do not owe the world anything. As long as it is with another adult human being, no one should have to explain their relationship. I'm not trying to oversell it. Its hard going thru life with everyone judging your decision and looking at you. Than to make that relationship work? Like I said I am not going to make a big stink on it. J wrote a post about the Jill scott interracial dating and I addressed it….

I agree with you CHeeKZ. Interracial dating is absolutely not the root cause of problems or a break down in anybody's family other than those immediately involved in the relationship. J have an issue with a few details but hey. It is a personal choice to date whomever we like. Holding some sort of anger or hurt about the issue is not going to change something you personally have no control over. I can surely find somebody who does. I'm with Chocolate Drop.

This subject still hurts like a new wound. Can't keep beating a dead horse. I'm a "whincer" for life. No I'm not commenting because of this topic…not because it's not about sex. I have more to talk about than sex my dear. How many times under past articles have I said something when one of you men say something against black women. I can predict a bad storm. Isnt the fact that interracial dating bothers you more of a reason for you to stay with Dr J today?

Would you say you are 'happy' being tight about IR dating? Are you trying to hold on to this viewpoint? My dude Cheekz… do not talk to her.

She's out, she's out, she's not getting back in the game until the Bills win the Super Bowl. I'm not having racists on my post. She's the kid in elementary school who could never be goose. We got 13 players and we playing 6 on 6, she's not getting picked.

I'm not racist sweetheart. I have nothing against white people. The only problem I have with interracial dating "Jill scott interracial dating" when I hear black men blame black women. Jill scott interracial dating is my only concern. If you want to hop the fence, then that is not my concern. But please just dont tear each other down in "Jill scott interracial dating" process. That was my point….

How she feels about her...

J but I'll go a step further. It's an outdated belief, and one worthy of public discussion. If it's wrong for black men to "close ranks" and say that black women should ONLY date them, why is it acceptable for black women to be hypocritical and expect the same and then rant on ABC News, Russia Today, Jill scott interracial dating It tried to express empathy with a position he doesn't necessarily agree.

If Jill scott interracial dating can't do the same, then there's nothing we need to assume here about your intentions—it's quite obvious.

I don't support interracial dating because I hear black men AND black women for that matter bash each other and blame each other for reasons why they choose to hop fence. I hear black men say black women push them away with their "ms independent attitudes".

I hear black women say all black men do is smoke weed and go to jail. These are the things that I am against. If you want to date interracially, that Is Jill scott interracial dating with me. I have family memebers who are of other races whom I love with all my hearts. Again, nothing to do with other races, but everything to do with our race.

If people could just date other races without blaming their own race, then I could get with it. Even on this blog I have read black say "this is why white women are taking your men" and things like that. This is my only concern. Cheekz…interracial dating does not bother me at all. It is the reasoning behind it that bothers me. Not saying that every black man or woman who dates interracially needs Jill scott interracial dating gives a reason for it.

Black women don't like anal…. I really do just want us as a group to love each other. Of course you can love who you want, but you dont have to be against each other to love others…. Thats not possible in human existence. I dont even think this is a us vs them or black men vs black women post. Its a "why the thought of judging ppl for IR dating is outdated" post.

So I believe your fears can be quelled. Steetz…I feel you on that. If case you didn't get a chance to read what Jill Scott had to say on Interracial Dating, you can catch up with Jill scott interracial dating conversation here. Posts Tagged: Jill Scott on Interracial Dating. Jill Scott: “Back In The Day If A Black Man Looked At A White Woman, He Would've Been Lynched, Beaten, Jailed. African American singer Jill Scott doesn't like interracial dating - YouTube!

Neo- Soul diva, Jill Scott, who was recently left to be a.

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