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Sexiest careers


Dating apps are nothing new. See what jobs earned the most swipes on Tinder in recent months! As you can see from the two lists, what attracts the sexes to each other is somewhat different and, yet, has some crossover. The popular female careers that get a lot of swipes tend to have a little more to do with communications and caretaking social media manager, public relations specialist, speech language pathologist. The hotly swiped-right male include some more Sexiest careers demanding and life-saving job descriptions firefighter, paramedic, doctor.

But there were some professions that are attractive to both "Sexiest careers." Both women and men found teachers, college students, models duh!

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See what other jobs earned the most swipes on Tinder in recent months and what those professionals typically do to bring home the bacon! Skip to main content. Tinder's List of Sexiest Careers. Doctoral or professional degree Number of physical therapists in U.

Physical therapists aid injured people to recover and rehabilitate from injury and illness. This often involves improving movement and developing pain management methods. Interior Designer [ii] Median annual salary Sexiest careers Interior designers decorate indoor spaces to achieve the look desired by the client. They not only have to pay attention to decorating trends and best practices, but also need to adhere to accessibility standards and building code and inspection regulations.

"Sexiest careers," an entrepreneur has a great business sense and some experience with how businesses run. PR specialists create and foster a positive public image for anything from a company to a celebrity.

They work with design media to form a public opinion to either highlight accomplishments or put a positive spin on negative matters. Teacher [iv] Median annual salary in high school teacher: But behind the scenes, these professionals must prepare lessons, grade papers, and write student evaluations. College Student What they do: Speech-Language Pathologist [v] Median annual salary in These professionals sometimes called Sexiest careers therapists evaluate, diagnose, and treat speech and swallowing disorders.

Pharmacist [vi] Median annual salary in Doctoral "Sexiest careers" professional degree Number of pharmacists in U. They have to know how medications react with one another and also need to conduct public health services, such as screenings and immunizations. Social Media Manager [vii] Median annual salary in for marketing managers: These managers execute marketing strategies across all social media platforms, so they typically have to be up-to-date on the latest social media and how to best reach each unique audience.

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Sexiest careers Model [viii] Median annual salary in No formal education required Number of models in U. Varies based on commercial or airline. Number of Sexiest careers and commercial pilots in U. Well, simply put, they fly planes.

Every founder will vary in salary and success level, so this profession may be appealing to Tinder users because it hints at independence and potential success.

Firefighter [x] Median annual salary in Postsecondary non-degree award Sexiest careers of firefighters in U. Save lives and fight fires.

They also respond to emergency situations where lives and property is at risk. Doctor [xi] Median annual salary in Doctoral or professional degree Number of physicians in U. There are many different types of doctors, but they typically assess, diagnose, and treat sickness and injury in patients. Maybe women are swiping right so they can get free healthcare.

These professionals use scripted material to deliver news or commercial messages, and give interviews. Engineer [xiii] Median annual salary in civil engineers: There are many different types of engineers.

But civil engineers typically design and Sexiest careers construction endeavors and maintain structures in the public or private sector. They might be great breaker-uppers, too, since they build bridges instead of burning them. Male models do the same as female models, which is to pose for pictures that help in advertising products.

They might not make a lot of money, but models do tend to be pretty good-looking as part of the job description! Paramedic [xiv] Median annual salary in Postsecondary non-degree award Number of paramedics in U.

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There seems Sexiest careers be a trend in the type of men that women are swiping right for. Paramedics react quickly in emergency situations to assess injury and illness and to act accordingly while transporting the patient to the hospital for further care. Nothing professional, at least not yet.

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Going Local, Even When eLearning. Online Degrees for International Students. How to Break into Private Equity. Benefits of an Online College Education. Continued Need for Higher Education. Liars With Fake Degrees on Fire. Looking for a career change? Check Sexiest careers jobs out. Dating app Badoo combed through local users’ data to find the sexiest jobs. Women most want to date bartenders and photographers, beating out traditionally sought-after professions, such as bankers and doctors (though they still made the Top 10).

Meanwhile, men are especially. That's what we're talking about today: the sexiest careers in Charlotte. I asked a few local Sexiest careers surrounding millennials and Gen-Xers their.

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