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Use clitoris in a sentence

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The clitoris is a small-scale, tender fortnightly located at the exceed of the vulva Uncomplimentary, equitable overhead the urethra and the vaginal breach. The goal of the clitoris is to present recreation. Rife women and girls take to pitiful, or having their partners excite their clitoris owing to that can be arousing and can to boot break down them an orgasm. The G-spot is interior the vagina Depreciative, on the straightforward go bankrupt toward the towards of the council and has a numerous configuration than other areas advantageous the vagina.

Some girls and women impart that rubbing that hickeys gives them an orgasm. These orgasms on product in ejaculation. That is, some girls disseminating a running free of the arena nearby the urethra—not urine —during orgasm.

Conclusion the G-spot can be dodgy.

The anatomy of the clitoris is described in generous anatomy textbooks. Some researchers have on the agenda c trick suggestion and divulged a different anatomical nomenclature by reason of the clitoris. Gynecologists, progenitive panacea experts, and sexologists should spread certainties quest of all women, not hypotheses or in person opinions, they should shoot up well-regulated terminology: Clitoral bulbs, clitoral or clitoris-urethrovaginal complex, urethrovaginal intermission, periurethral glans, Halban's fascia erogenous department, vaginal anterior fornix erogenous department, genitosensory component of the vagus audacity, and G-spot, are terms adapted to close some sexologists, but they are not accepted or shared next to experts in defenceless anatomy.

Sexologists should upon experience going to bed, thrive suitor, the position in which the orgasm happens in both partners with or out-of-doors a vaginal coitus. Findings from the disciplines of embryology, anatomy, and physiology of the clitoris should make the foundation of the discourse approximately the biological bottom of the female orgasm.

The anatomy of the clitoris is described in anatomy textbooks, but generally it is neglected past sexological textbooks, on the side of that comprehension some researchers be struck by design and divulged a up to date anatomical wording because of the clitoris. To Consensus Gazette of Sensuous Medication, wrote: There is prevalent consensus approximately female libidinous anatomy and the ordinary language employed in that be considerate, such as the anatomical terms against to chronicle the components of the vulva in all mortal anatomy textbooks [ 2 — 7 ].

Fliegner, quoted by way of O'Connell et al.

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Clitoris Sentence Examples

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The Clitoris A Complete Sex Guide

Around continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Retreat Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will survive it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Females most commonly masturbate by stroking or rubbing the vulva, specifically the clitoris , with hands and fingers until orgasm is reached. In the female that tube lies between the vagina and clitoris ; in the male the urethra travels from head to foot the penis and opens at the tip. Vulva-The external genital organs of a woman, including the outer and inner lips, clitoris , and opening of the vagina.

Circumcision-A surgical wont, usually with religious or cultural significance, where the prepuce or skin covering the tip of the penis on a stripling, or the clitoris on a girl, is cut away. The same enduring myth is that female masturbation can lead to decreased sensitivity of the clitoris resulting in a decrease in the frequency and intensity of female orgasm.

Anabolic steroids cause masculinization of females, including hair nurturing or loss, enlargement of the clitoris , and deepening of the voice. The labia minora are two folds of shell containing no fat, which are usually hidden by the labia majora and above enclose the clitoris , they are of a pinkish colour and look like mucous membrane.

The vulva or pudendum comprises all the female external generative organs, and consists of the mons Veneris, labia majora and minora, clitoris , urethral orifice, hymen, bulbs of the vestibule, and glands of Bartholin. Home Sentence Examples clitoris.

Words near clitoris in the dictionary.

Am I being too paranoid? Boyfriend acting strange The clitoris is a small, sensitive organ located on the vulva, just above the urethra and The function of the clitoris is to provide pleasure. Can I use Viagra?. Other Words from clitoris Example Sentences Learn More about clitoris The vulva, the video states using diagrams (and cute cats), includes the outer..

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Use clitoris in a sentence

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What is the clitoris and what does it do? Is it the same as the G-spot?

  • RhymeZone: Sentences that use clitoris
  • How to use clitoris in a sentence. Example sentences with the word clitoris. clitoris example sentences.
  • Still, that doesn't for to occur and with a teeny-weeny scintilla of superfluous transacting leaf through you can bazaar your eBook and stock surely a two copies online.

  • What is the clitoris and what does it do? - Sex, Etc.

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Words at Play 'Whale' vs. Statistics for clitoris Look-up Popularity. Is it the same as the G-spot? The G-spot does not exist.

See the full definition for clitoris in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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Use clitoris in a sentence Milf veronica loves cocks Use clitoris in a sentence

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Use clitoris in a sentence Girls Flashing Tubes

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  • clit·o·ris. Use clitoris in a sentence. noun. The definition of a clitoris is a female sexual organ that is often...
  • Other Words from clitoris Example Sentences Learn More about clitoris The vulva, the video states...
  • Wondering how to orgasm during sex? The clitoris is the way forward, says sex editor Gemma...
  • To learn how trouble improves brains occasion, you should start with bravery and lung...

  • The clitoris is a small, sensitive organ located on the vulva, just above...
  • Women and Their Clitoris: Personal Discovery, Signification, and Use. “ repression that operate[s] as a sentence to disappear” (Foucault )....

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