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Guy from 40 year old virgin stabs wife


Shelley Malil, an actor best known for his role alongside Steve Carell in "The Year-Old Virgin," has been sentenced to life in prison for the attempted murder of his girlfriend.

The Year-Old Virgin actor, Shelley...

A San Diego County Superior Court judge sentenced Malil Friday, three months after a jury convicted the actor of attempted premeditated murder and assault with a deadly weapon. His ex-girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, survived the attack, but suffered punctured lungs and wounds to her neck, chest, back and arms.

Malil stabbed her 20 times after he stopped by her home and found her drinking wine with another man. In court Friday, Malil, 45, expressed regret for his crime and said he wants to be sent to prison. I can't even begin to imagine what she has been through. But prosecutor Keith Watanabe said Malil could be a free man in as few as nine years, given time served and good behavior. She went on to discredit Guy from 40 year old virgin stabs wife testimony. His testimony was lie after lie after lie," she said.

At trial Malil told the court that he visited Beebe at her home in suburban San Diego to apologize for taking personal items from her house and to warn that he had e-mailed sexually explicit photos of the couple to her co-workers. He then testified that he stabbed her with a kitchen knife after finding her with another man. Malil faced a maximum penalty of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 14 years.

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His attorney argued that Malil had no intention of killing Beebe when he picked up the knife after finding his ex-girlfriend with another man, and throughout the trial questioned Beebe's credibility as a witness. The jury convicted the actor of the two most serious charges but acquitted him of a charge of residential burglary. After the sentencing, Beebe told reporters she believed justice was served and that she hoped Malil's apology was sincere.

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The Year-Old Virgin actor, Shelley...

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Shelley Malil, 53, who appeared in the film The Year-Old Virgin, admitted he stabbed his wife in an attempt to "annihilate" her.

The Year-Old Virgin actor Shelley Malil will be released from Guy from 40 year old virgin stabs wife on bail next month after serving eight years for stabbing his girlfriend. The Year-Old Virgin actor, Shelley Malil, 53, will be released from prison stabbing Beebe, but said Malil never intended to kill the woman.

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