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For eleven seasons now, The Big Bang Theory has chronicled the lives of Best of bang! casting collection group of nerdy best friends, comprised of physicists and engineers who work at Caltech. Over the course of the series, these unlikely heroes have earned considerable success and renown within their fields, and have tried and failed, and tried again to find love and personal fulfillment as well. What once began as a cult hit among nerdy audiences soon went on to become one of the most-watched shows on all of television, sitcoms and dramas both.

Its commentary on pop culture has always been sharp and timely, and the characters have mostly grown for the better, becoming well-rounded but still geeky at heart. Hard as it may be to imagine, the TV landscape will look very different come next fall. However, in some key cases, the Best of bang! casting collection really left a lot to be desired. Amy disrupted group dynamics that had been long-standing, and not really ever for the better.

While Penny and Bernadette were able to insert themselves into the group quite easily, Amy has always been of a more passive aggressive, attention-demanding sort — particularly in relation to her beyond uncomfortable development with Sheldon, who is almost nothing like the character he once was because of her, and not at all for the better.

Apart from Penny, The Big Bang Theory has struggled to find its footing in its writing of female characters. Played by absolute scene-stealer Melissa Rauch, Bernadette has become one of the most vital elements of the series. Just thinking about what TBBT could have been like without the stellar addition of Rauch is something that could bring the "Best of bang!

casting collection" dedicated of fans to tears, too. How could it not be, with the master class of a performance that Jim Parsons has turned in season after season for eleven years? Sheldon is truly a one of a kind character, embodying the fragility that comes with being a child genius all grown up, and yet never once failing in his commitment to his scientific pursuits, nerdy fandom, and love of all things mathematics.

Take, for example, the character of Ramona Nowitzki — an incredibly gifted and intelligent research student Best of bang! casting collection Caltech whose entire character ultimately winds up being about her all but fanatical crush on Sheldon. When Ramona is merely reintroduced later in the series as a means of getting Sheldon nervous enough that he proposes to Amy, the damage to her character has already been long done.

There are two characters on The Big Bang Theory who truly represent what it means to be a nerd without any of the cool perks and traits that the main cast of characters have been given as a result of being, well, the main cast of characters.

Often down on his luck and an outsider, Bert has slowly but surely eased himself into the group, first through his friendship and one-sided affection with Amy and eventually by forming real friendships with the guys.

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Bert may not have been as endearing had he been played by any other actor. Mary is almost always at odds with her son and what he stands for, but that never gets in the way of how much she loves her little boy. Whenever she visits, or even if she just appears via phone, Mary is guaranteed to shake things up, providing endless amusement and emotional material in spades.

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Too prim and proper to ever fit in with so silly and immature a group, Priya sticks out like a sore thumb from the moment she enters the narrative.

The Big Bang Theory has done a lot when it comes to taking characters who could be reduced to single traits or punchlines and developing them into really interesting, multi-layered people. All throughout, John Ross Bowie has given the Best of bang! casting collection his all, even when it involves some of the less amusing Rs and Ws jokes.

Voiced by long-time character actress Carol Ann Susi, Mrs. Wolowitz had one of the most distinctive voices in all of television history, loud and bold and unfiltered. In addition to casting the likes of television legends, such as Bob Newhart, for significant roles on the series, The Big Bang Theory has truly excelled in allowing famous science fiction names to appear on the series as heightened versions of themselves.

Wheaton has had natural chemistry with all members of the cast. This allowed for his role to be fleshed out in truly entertaining ways, such as when he and Penny worked together on Best of bang!

casting collection truly terrible horror movie. Quite simply, the nostalgia factor would have the potential of working in their favor, as Gilbert and Galecki played young sweethearts Darlene and David on the long-running sitcom. Koothrappali, the often disapproving but highly entertaining gynecologist father of Raj who is located in India and appears via Skype and Facetime calls.

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He brings just the right amount of seriousness and levity to the role, and is able to communicate the role of parent and child beyond effectively in the limited screen-within-a-screen time he has been given on the series.

After all, he has lived with Howard and Bernadette for quite some time, helping to take care of their children. It takes a particular kind of talent to be the straight man in an ensemble full of larger than life and beyond zany sitcom characters.

Luckily, Johnny Galecki is exactly that kind of talent, and therefore, he was the perfect man for the job when it came to casting Leonard Hofstadter, the level-headed roommate of the unstoppable Sheldon Cooper.

Surrounded by men who are basically children in adult bodies, Leonard is often forced to be the voice of reason, even when he "Best of bang! casting collection" sometimes rather embrace his inner child, too.

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Few sitcom characters have developed as naturally and as wonderfully as Howard Wolowitz. Howard began the series as a relatively dirty-minded, immature loser who thought he was the best thing in the world and the best thing to ever happen to women, at that. His career and family life are thriving now, both of which were unthinkable when the series started.

All throughout, his sense of humor has been razor sharp, and his heart has almost always been on his sleeve. Let us know in the comments!

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