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Why do some men like older women


But, why do younger men go for the older sophisticated lady instead of someone their own age? Older men have been dating years younger than themselves for centuries. As common as it is, we have a Why do some men like older women stereotype describing why younger women find themselves ultra attracted to men double their age.

It has been more broadly accepted and mainstream for some quite time. We have gathered research to find out just why a young man would opt for a much older woman. Here are the top 15 reasons why some men prefer older women.

It may not shock you to learn that the younger generation of strong, healthy, good-looking guys also want financial security. And instead of necessarily providing that for themselves, they seek it out through a potential intimate relationship. Most older women have established themselves with a strong career, have put money away in a healthy retirement fund, and have a strong sense of financial responsibility paying their bills.

Can a man also be called a sugar-baby and have themselves a sugar mama? So, for starters, one of the top reasons younger men date older women is for their bank roll and material possessions. Younger men are looking for someone they can connect to and enjoy conversations with. In addition, statistics show that the majority of women 30 Why do some men like older women older hold a degree of higher education. A woman with these qualities allow for a man to sit down with them and enjoy a meal with while having a conversation fuelled by a sharp intellect.

Men are highly attractive to a woman who have an intelligent opinion about topics other than what they drank the night before or unnecessary drama of younger generations. Similarly, younger women are more caught up in pointless and irrelevant experiences. An older woman has more interests in things that matter, which leads to deeper communication. Numerous young men appreciate a woman who is clear and focused on important things.

Men who like older women...

Things that she is trying to accomplish that contribute to her full-potential. We found that men perceive women Why do some men like older women than 30 have their priorities backwards.

Instead of meaningful and enriching goals, younger ladies are more worried about what their next Facebook post is going to be about or going shopping. But not older women, although they may enjoy shopping just like the next girl, they are focused on the larger scale of things. A mature woman knows what they want and they have a plan to achieve these goals. They focus their energy on improving their lives and the lives of others. Men are naturally attracted to a drama-free partner who has focus and intention.

You already knew this one was going to make the top 15 reasons why men prefer older women. Men are known for a stronger sex drive than women. Not just a large appetite for sex and intimacy but for mind-blowing interactions. After a woman turns 30 their sexual peak begins. They experience a bigger craving for sex Why do some men like older women their partner. Additionally, these ladies are more open-minded to trying new things in-between the sheets.

Comparatively, younger generations are not experienced and are still figuring out what they truly like. However, they may not express their likes and dislikes for fear of offending their lover. Men all over the world have expressed that they appreciate intimacy with older women due to the fact that these women know precisely what they want.

It takes the pressure off the man because he gets an exact road map and instruction manual for pleasing his partner. Some younger men prefer older women for the simple fact that they can learn so much from her. They can attribute to several life experiences. In the first place it can seem like such an adventure going steady with a woman in her prime. Secondly, they offer a different perspective on several different issues.

And third, their influence helps a young man grow up quicker by learning how to lean on one another for support and love. Because a woman older than 30 will have had more experiences in life, she is more grounded and realistic about life. Thus, leading a man to maturer levels. These special women have a way of seeing a man in a Why do some men like older women that they do not see themselves as.

Specifically, showing him the kind of man he is and aspires to be.

It depends on the person,...

This kind of relationship motivates a man to achieve a higher potential. Younger ladies typically play too many games, cause confusion, and are too immature.

The way mature woman carry themselves proves they know who they are. Knowing who you are is associated with stability. More often than younger gals, they have figured out who they are for the most part. On the contrary, women in their twenties are too caught up in drama and manipulative behaviour. They are known for playing head games and causing conflict in a relationship.

To some men, what attracts them to dating older women is the calmness that they have. The hobbies and leisure activities of a calmer woman greatly differ from that of a hyper and excitable younger version.

In "Older Women, Younger Men:...

Young men appreciate a slower pace lifestyle. Something that is relaxing and calm. In fact, dating an older woman opens doors to various fun experiences where they can unwind. There are men out there who are in a relationship with someone older because they want to be taken care of.

I am not referring to financial means this time. On the other hand, I am talking about emotional and mental types of support. Have you ever dated a man who treated you almost like you were his mother? You would cook for him, iron his clothes, and, perhaps pick out Why do some men like older women clothes and lay them out for him? These are all typical mommy syndrome behaviours. For this reason, men like this will seek out dating older women.

However, not all older women are going to put up with this. Similar to a younger woman. What all women of all ages have in common is that they desire someone who is independent. Because younger women have a need for a lot of attention a man may be turned off. Women 18 to approximately 30 tend to be very clingy and need constant attention.

When a man cannot have children of his own he may seek out a woman who already has kiddos. The majority of older women, on the younger end of the spectrum, have had children.

Most likely they have been married before in their younger years. If he respects and loves the mother, he will definitely feel the same for her offspring. So, the mindset of men seeking an older woman is that a relationship like that comes with a ready made family for him. This allows a man to be with an older woman without the responsibility of raising her children. It may sound harsh, but not all men are prepared to take on a family. They simply want to date their girlfriend and not worry about children.

These men probably have no desire to have children. With this intention, they prefer older women because these woman cannot have children anymore. Also, they already had their children in their earlier years and do not wish to have more. In turn, both the men and women in this scenario can focus on each other and only on Why do some men like older women. Selfish as it may sound but when children are involved, the attention of the mother is divided.

He is free to hang with his buddies and go out on the weekends without having to worry about getting chewed out. No man enjoys getting nagged at for anything.

Especially, wanting to hang with his crew. When a guy dates an older woman, he has more freedom. They are not comfortable with their boyfriend going out. Older ladies appreciate time apart. Back Why do some men like older women the day it was proper to never fart or belch in front of your significant other. On top of that, using other proper manners goes far.

Older women were raised differently. They were raised to be ladies. Men prefer older generations because of the appropriate manners that an older woman will showcase. Given these points, older women have terrific etiquette. Unfortunately there are men out there who are just looking for a free ride.

These moochers are looking for a place to live, rent free. Nice hot meals, a vehicle to drive, and perhaps a spending allowance Why do some men like older women all it takes to please this guy.

He will set his eyes on an older honey who could be his sugar-mama. He is not looking to take care of anyone but himself. Additionally, these men will have high hopes for all the goodies. What do you love most about dating older women? Man A: I Man A: Some friends thought it was cool in some ways, but other friends didn't. We have gathered research to find out just why a young man would opt for a much older woman. Here are the top 15 reasons why some men.

It depends on the person, but some potential benefits include: 1. They are more mature, so typically there is less drama. There is more focus on what's important.

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