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Lynn carroll interracial housewife


Today I have the extreme pleasure of interviewing someone who I consider to be the Godmother of Lynn carroll interracial housewife hotwives. Lynn Carroll has been living the hotwife lifestyle for over 30 years, before there was even a term for the practice.

Hi Lynn, really a pleasure to interview you. I am originally from Virginia, spent a lot of time in the DC area and have now moved out to Ohio.

What are your measurements? Currently blonde, but occasionally red. I have red hair in only Lynn carroll interracial housewife of my movies. I love "Lynn carroll interracial housewife" laugh, spend time with family, travel, shop. I like to treat people like I would like to be treated.

How did you meet your husband Dave? He had dated and had sex with all my sisters! So he figured I was next. How long have you been married? It will be 30 years in How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle? Well we started having sex with other people almost immediately. He has always loved watching me have sex with other men. How did you get into the hotwife and swinging lifestyle? I then went down on him, but eventually pulled my dress up and sat on his cock while he was driving.

Very dangerous, but seemed like the thing to do at the time. We eventually went home and fucked all night. What do you like most about being a hotwife? The variety of cocks, cum, the feeling of release. How long have you been an active hotwife? Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?

Back in the day, but not so much now. Although I will suck someone off with others watching at any given time. What type of men do you go for? I like the feel of the different types of cocks. What was your first hotwife experience like? Dave got me gang banged with 3 black men. How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife? More thanbut I lost count.

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What is lover anyway? Yes, I reckon lol…. Do you have any bisexual tendencies? Give me cocks only please! Have you ever tried Lynn carroll interracial housewife gangbang?

All the time, the more the merrier. How many men have you had sex with at one time? We Lynn carroll interracial housewife for two days. The video we made won an award. Does size matter to you? Yes, it absolutely does. Do you have a preference of black or white lovers? Yes, black mens cocks are larger and they fuck better, longer and cum more. Not all of them, but most. What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?

Inside I love stockings and garters. What is your favorite sexual act? Gang Bangs with double penetration. Eating cum from condoms. Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through Lynn carroll interracial housewife Internet, clubs or through friends? What role does your husband play in your lifestyle? Does your husband swing as well or remain faithful to you? He likes my pussy, but he can fuck others if he wants.

Does your husband enjoy watching you with other men? Do you enjoy him watching you? How often are you sexually active with your husband? Are you dominant or submissive at all? But I will spank somebody now and again. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex? I love having different dicks stuck in my mouth. Yes, with a passion.

One of my movies is of me swallowing. Have you ever received a creampie from a lover? Yes, absolutely, in both my ass and pussy. I love the feeling when they spasm and shoot it in me. Have you ever received multiple creampie from different guys? A different kind of lube if you will. Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie? Not directly after, but later on yes. In a big way.

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Dave loves used pussy. He always pushes his way in after someone has shot their seed in my ass or pussy. Does your husband like to eat creampie? I would say to be owned by a group of men for a weekend. To be used in every hole every way all during that time. Then to clean up and go home to cook dinner. Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences? We talked up a guy in a restaurant and then ended up in the back of the family van fucking.

He fucked my ass with no lube then pulled out of my ass and went directly to my mouth to shoot his cum in my open mouth. What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle? What advice would you Lynn carroll interracial housewife to couples thinking of trying out the Lynn carroll interracial housewife and swinging lifestyle?

But know the difference between sex and love. Make your hubby feel special too. Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website? Well honestly, most sites are paid fake actresses.

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Mine is of me and my REAL friends. Guys know the difference. Nowadays, everything is set up in advance and fake. So if people want to see what "Lynn carroll interracial housewife" REAL sex party is like, check us out. What plans do you have for your website for the future? We love what we do!

What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle? Visit The Legendary Lynn Carroll here. Posted on Saturday, August 12th, at 3: Follow responses through RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Cheating Amateur MILF Housewife Lynn Carroll Interracial Sex Anal.

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