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| Nake Sicily residenza artistica | Escursioni etna

Nake recalls the Mediterranean history, cradle of many different civilizations and cultures, by weaving cultural links between the West and the East. The countryside surrounding the residence will welcome you with a refined Japanese garden, minutely created to conjugate the Mediterranean nature and the lava power with the scenic composition typical of the Japanese gardens, whose meaning is to nurture the essence of life by integrating it with the surrounding nature.

The Japanese garden is the emblem of Nake's virtues, such as the respect and love towards nature and its balance with the elements. The visitors will rediscover the need of their own well-being by enjoying the symbolic link between two volcanic lands: The residence logo is inspired by the Japanese ideogram meaning 'tree', being the residence built a few steps away from an iconic landmark, visited during the centuries by a number of academics and artists to study and depict the majesty of a tree: Only traditional materials have been used to furnish the residence: Nake will be your own cradle.

Your soul, your thoughts and your emotions will soothe during your trip through history, arts and sciences. Nake opens its doors to those who love Sicily and nature, to enjoy the fascinating surroundings, the majesty of Mount Etna, the Japanese garden overlooking the Ionian Sea.

  • Tureng - nake - Turkish English Dictionary
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  • The town was founded during the 17th Century.
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| Nake Sicily...

The lava stopped its flow and, the morning after, another eruption destroyed the nearby town of Mascali. The staircase made fromlava stone is a masterpiece of art, and inside the church, the wooden altars are a testimony of the refined skills of the artisans who worked on them. This coincidence was interpreted as something miraculous. The countryside surrounding the residence will welcome you with a refined Japanese garden, minutely created to conjugate the Mediterranean nature and the lava power with the scenic composition typi.

Two other remarkable churches are the Chiesetta Magazzeni and the Chiesa di Nucifori. The Chiesa di Nucifori was built in the parish of the same name, by the will of its inhabitants, whose love towards the Madonna di Tindari had always been celebrated through pilgrimages towards the town of Tindari.

The town was founded during the 17th Century.


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Nake ru

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Nake ru