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Can shemales both receive


How does sex with a shemale feel. I've only been with one TS girls and it's always been great. Anal sex with her was a little strange at first but after a few time we both got in the grove. I guess you just have to get use to each other and once you do sex is even better.

Originally Posted by sowman. Do something with your life. Originally Posted by sesame. A hole in one. Maybe it was because he didn't have to wonder which hole he'd plunged into, Sesame. But perhaps we'd better wait for a reply from the member himself before we take off on the wings of speculation!

Oh yes - and long time no speak! I'm still considering that animal sex thread you suggested way back! Originally Posted by fuckstudent. Probably because at first you Can shemales both receive in your subconscious that you are fucking a man? I have and been fucked by men, and shemales are far and above any sex I have ever had A woman with a cock there is nothing better to me.

As a top it's not unlike being with a gg, except you sticking it in the bum. The only real downside of a nice tight bum is that all "Can shemales both receive" I have been with cannot take anal penetration for a long time. With a gg I can often fuck for well over and hour, and with Can shemales both receive ts, most has been about 30min max.

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I enjoy giving oral, and for me this is the real kicker for being with a ts. Only when she has a pretty looking cock, I love to suck it and look up accross her body, Can shemales both receive her breasts, and can see her face and the look on a prett face as im sucking her off.

Pussy now just tastes too funky for me. I am not a bottom, but from what I read this is the real "fantasy pleasure" ther guys seem to get a real kick out of being with a ts. I suppose having a stunning looking woman ramming her thick hard cock into your ass. Well there is no substitute for that. That's not so much about the pleasure but the over all feeling of allowing yourself fall helpless to the big strong men.

I've had sex with gay men, and I will say sex with a shemale is hands down the best sex I have ever had. I'm a straight guy, but I've fancied she males for a loooooong time. I get so turned on thinking about them, but I've never had the chance to date one, much less have sex. It's a shame I guess, but one day soon Sex with a "shemale" feels just like a genetic woman's vagina if she is loose and can stay as such, and feels like anal sex with a woman if she is tight and has normal "gripping" anal contractions during intercourse Last edited by Smoothie; at Pretty much like having sex with anybody.

If you asking "Can shemales both receive" does it feel like to GET fucked it's a different story. First Can shemales both receive is a whole new world. As far as the actual sex with a TS, well it was great! I am verse so I rather enjoy basically all aspects of sex with a beautiful TS lady. Of course it depends on what you're into, but for me, I have had some of my best orgasms while being topped.

For me it's really as if they're a woman, up to a point, that magically has a penis Except sometimes near the end there's a certain scent that suddenly reminds me that biologically they're male, that can be a little disconcerting.

Find all posts by abbyashe. How does sex with a shemale feel? You get the right one, there's nothing like it. You get the wrong one, there's nothing like it. Originally Posted by franalexes. Until this week, I only fantasized about sex with shemales. This week I had sex with two hotties. If you haven't done it, do it I don't subscribe to the "a good one is great, a bad one ain't bad" mindset.

Top or Bottom, What do...

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I have never had any complaints yet. Yes for some it may seem strange at first but for a man and they understand and can actually comprehend that we are truly feminine, maybe even more so than Cis Women.

Personally I don't want to be your equal other than intellectually maybe. I want a man that is strong emotionally and physically. I want to feel cherished and admired for what I can do for my guy. No we are not gay in the sense of the word because we are not men. We other than genitalia may "Can shemales both receive" more feminine that what some guys can even handle.

So when I have oral sex with a guy, I know exactly what feels the best for him. Sucking is good but sucking while working the tounge up and down with pressure on the sensitive parts and the most sensitive part before going back down seems to make them go wild. Tightening the "love tunnel" with the appropriate lube also makes most guys go wild.

I can't help it but I can't be top, but no guy that I have had a relationship has ever been disappointed. But one good turn deserves another though. I love my nipples enticed with your tounge and light biting but not bitten off. Hell I have to wear Can shemales both receive to keep them down if I don't wear a bra. But it is getting harder and harder without wearing a bra.

Just remember though that since we both have the same equipment then we know what feels really good. We will use that to our advantage to make you feel maximum pleasure. You like us and we reallyreally appreciate you but Can shemales both receive want to be treated as women. I don't like feminism especially for the militant kind. Yes Can shemales both receive should be treated with respect and equal as human Can shemales both receive but I cherish my femininity.

I always have and never really denied it. My hair, my clothing, makeup, piercings and so on. Not to mention shaving and hair removal which can be a pain in the ass but much like a big one up there it is so fucking pleasurable to elate my self with smooth skin, taking care of my hair and so on. Lotions clothing and so on along with makeup and plucking brows and bangs to appear more feminine.

Jewelry and shoes play a big part. Most thing that I have beautiful legs because of definition. Hell a lot of guys are female leg models because of that. Some cis women have no definition in there legs. I am not talking blood vessels and veins but actually the shape of the legs if you have enough subcutaneous fat.

But believe me that we know what guys like and what turns them on. Makeup is yet again another. I personally do not wear flats but rather wedges or heels that accentuate the shape of my legs and butt. I wear sexy type bras that accentuate my B cub breasts even though I do have tranny nipples but have seen some cis women with nipples in the same position. I am soft and warm. Willing and ready for the right guy and willing to make them feel like a King.

I will do whatever they want if we know each other and I can trust them. Any fetish or whatever else they may want. Hell I have been told I give the best BJs because along with the suction, my tounge works way better than your hand ever will.

Any position I am game for. You can just plain out screw me as hard and far as it can go with the proper lube of my choice. You can ride me hard or tender. I can ride you cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Missionary or whatever you like best. I can't speak for every trans woman but as for myself though. Yes sometimes it hurts anally but then we can relube. If you want to make it hurt then OK "Can shemales both receive." Just give me a couple of days to recover with just oral.

Anal sex with her was...

But as for me and my friends, we love you guys. We Can both receive plowed By Fabricias gigantic shemale ramrod - Free tranny tube videos in HD. We Can both Can shemales both receive pounded By Fabricias massive shemale wang at Tranny Tube TV.

Anal sex with her was a little strange at first but after a few time we both got in the grove. I guess you just have to get use to each other and once.

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