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Girl with the dragon tattoo ass


But the decidedly feminist Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo based on the internationally bestselling book drew critical acclaim when it premiered in the U. They are universally attractive, often flirtatious and usually naive. Salander, on the other hand, is the anti-Hollywood victim.

Noomi Rapace's rape scene in...

She exudes strength of body and will, not sex and luster. The rape is perhaps as surprising to the audience as it is to the character. Salander is sexually assaulted twice by her much-older parole officer she is on parole for unnamed crimeswhose quietly menacing manner is uncomfortably believable.

The first time, she submits with a grudging resignation that suggests a chilling familiarity with this scenario. The second time, she is viciously assaulted.

All this occurs before the unspooling of the main plot, in which she teams up with a has-been journalist to investigate a series of sadistic rape-homicides that began more than 40 years ago. As her character develops, we see how her earlier experiences exacerbate her severe anti-social tendencies and fuel her reckless acts of heroism.

The violence she has experienced is reflected repeatedly in the other women characters, most of whom have been victims themselves. I had thought that a woman would be more likely than a man to reflect upon that disturbing aspect of the film, as we are instilled with Girl with the dragon tattoo ass belief that rape is a constant, imminent threat.

But perhaps rape in movies has become a kind of exception. The Swedish novel upon which this film is based was originally published under the title Men Who Hate Women. I prefer this, as it better articulates the sinister dynamics at play. Check out our post on this film from April 4. Why did they change the name? The US Distributor must have known that focusing on a highly sexualized female figure would generate better box office. The one thing we can truly thank the director for is that Rapace is a kick-ass, buff, incredible woman!

In the book her character is VERY skinny and hates her body…. She was insecure, yes, but that is to be expected in a male-dominated society — especially one that harsh. He was exposing the truth about how women are treated in Sweden with a kick-ass crime thriller — what better way is there to do it? I don't understand why the author has labeled this film as "decidedly feminist. True, the heroine lacks the heaving bosoms found in Pam Grier or Russ Meyer's heroines, but her physique and her scowl are pretty close to the violated, eyeliner besmeared young women we see in plenty of fashion magazines.

There's absolutely nothing revolutionary about justifying the presence of a female action hero with Girl with the dragon tattoo ass healthy balance of sexual humiliation. You are completely on the wrong track. In all honesty, I cannot stand Girl with the dragon tattoo ass who judge such a complex work without actually having seen it. I loved The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo because it presented someone who dressed liked me and walked in that aesthetic and made that person a very intense and three dimensional person and not a token Goth or a stereotype.

Her appearance is partly her reclamation of her body. Her character progresses, and goes from seeking vengeance to seeking justice and an acknowledgement of her suffering as she begins to realise that the power of the state is not monolithic. Lisbeth dresses plainer, more inconspicuously through parts of the movie, but she layers her appearance so carefully, reinstates her mohawk, carefully adds her jewellery — she wants to be a visual manifestation of her self Girl with the dragon tattoo ass that court-room.

This is partly one of the points that the movie is making — the men in power have seen her as weak and childlike, whittled their perceptions of her away to only her body, when it is her personality and her mind that are so strong.

Lani — Why not? Feminism exists because of deeply-ingrained societal injustices. Danielle, maybe you should read the book or go see the movie. This film is a far cry from anything resembling sexploitation. Sensational writing draws in viewers, so perhaps Dargis left out mention of the rape scenes deliberately so as not to encourage viewers who are drawn to that kind of thing. Is the film feminist is another question. Like everything, it depends on your definition of feminism.

But the one thing that did jump out to me was how sexually grotesque the final layer of crimes was, and why it all had to be in there in that way. Was it gratuitous, or the symptom of good pulp fiction? In classic hardboiled detective stories, the detective is a broken man trying to come to terms with a broken world, and carrying on even though he has uncovered new levels of grief and disgust. I agree with you, it is great to see a woman take up this mantle and change the role of femme fatale or innocent.

And, how unfortunate it is that the way a male detective is usually harrowed is by killing his partner, or finding that his wife is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Lisbeth has a series of violations that make her mistrust the world in a way that, as Larsen writes the overall crime, is in no way hysterical.

Granted, the book does suggest that her opinions were no doubt influenced by her odd upbringing, but I still finished the book with no desire to read the sequels. Is there a reason the revenge raping of the villian by Salander is not mentioned? I have not seen the movie as of yet, but I have read the book.

From the conversations I am reading the movie seems to follow the general storyline that I read. I found that Lisbeth as a character was loath to draw attention to herself and she did have body issues, so I find it disturbing that the previous movie reviews mention her character as being highly attractive, seductive, and sensuous. I found Lisbeth to be brash, paranoid, and extremely possessive.

I found her to be one who loves numbers, loves codes, and loves the power information Girl with the dragon tattoo ass give her. These things lead to her tenous freedom. She uses her own rape as a way to get out from under the thumb of her oppressive Guardian. She films her rape, and uses it as blackmail. But to really show that she means business, she defiles the body of her Guardian, so that he will always be reminded of who he really is.

I would recommend reading the second book in the series, Lisbeth did not always have the hostility spoken of previously for victims of violence. I agree with you, Danielle and Lisa. Once she gets to the third Girl with the dragon tattoo ass, I think she does start to find more positive ways to heal. She acts out in a violent way because she thinks that the only real power is in either having information or in acts of violence, but eventually she seeks justice and acknowledgement in the courtroom.

I think she does finally find out how to heal rather than seek vengeance. I read and loved this novel. I had no idea that it had a different original title.

'The Girl With the Dragon...

For those who have not taken the time to read the book, the author mentions that "Girl with the dragon tattoo ass" abuse of women in all regards in his native country of Sweden. The percantage of abused women over there is absolutely staggering.

What happens to lisbeth is unfortunately what most women in that country experience on a daily basis. The scenes are not pleasant and as someone who has been raped, not easy to watch. But we cannot allow us to blind ourselves just because it is unpleasant.

I applaud Steig for creating a honest and real statement on the world he lived in. And for creating a great heroine. Oh yeah, it is not her parole officer either. Galena Would you remind me some of those victim-blaming speeches of Lisabeth? Kind of funny, Larsson wrote a book for his own reasons, which were probably plenty making money being one of themand now everybody reads it and some would like to have it the way it is but differently.

Girl with the dragon tattoo ass I see it, if Lisabeth has a feminist traits and she has they are the results of her miserable past experiences, not because she joined a feminist club. She prefers to avoid men if she can, but if attacked, she fights the attackers viciously. Not because she read the latest on feminism or is updated on the latest conspiration theories.

Life made her this way. And if we care about what statements Larsson wanted to make then I suppose he made statements which he made. I would not mind if he wrote more about Lisabeth. Even if she the books are not a pure feminism, they are good reading. Ewa, A couple of answers to your great questions. According to wikipedia, these books were all published posthumously.

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He wrote them to entertain himself after he got home from his day job. His profession and calling in life, not coincidentally, was finding and exposing violent right-wing hate groups. I agree the Girl with the dragon tattoo ass nature of Lisbeth is disturbing and probably a male fantasy.

I doubt my fiancee will ever want to watch this movie due to the violent rape scenes. I understand that this is HER response. What I want to know is why the only we have seen in film entertainment thusfar to tackle the issue of violence against women is simply to display it? And, here not only is it displayed the heroine is made the victim on no less than 3 separate occasions BEFORE she retaliates or even defends herself.

She is intensely muscular in a way that is unattractive to the modern hetero. I do definitely agree that it is a classic revenge story.

Is it ok for us to watch her rape her attacker and feel GOOD about it…just because as women we empathize with her response? It is the embodiment of a revenge fantasy for many women. And, I definitely felt that it bordered on sexualizing violence, so it being sexploitaton is pretty likely. I would love Girl with the dragon tattoo ass see this movie agree that the original title would be FAR better although might hurt box office sales.

This, in my opinion, would be a difficult movie for a rape survivor to sit through although the revenge scene sounds like it would rock!

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I want this book. Thanks for all the insight, folks. I appreciated the critique and comments. 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (); Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses (); Bad Asses on the Bayou (); Nightmare Nurse ( ).

Noomi Rapace's rape scene in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo () but altogether excellent, Requiem for a Dream gets to its “ass to ass”. Movie Trailer: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is the first film in Columbia Pictures' three-picture adaptation of.

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