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Stripper in accepted


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I don't think I've yet seen a movie in my whole lifetime about a high school kid creating his own college, just to impress his parents. Nowadays, movies are either remakes or sequels, or plots that have been used in many different films. This one has an original story line and to follow it up by making it a comedy films only lightens the deal.

With this well thought out story and with laughs mixed in, this is a good movie. To sum it up, I enjoyed the film and the next time your shuffling through the paper for movies, look for show times to "Accepted".

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If you want to laugh out loud, that is. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Scufovo 19 August This is what movies should aspire to. Funny without being totally stupid, a little sexy without having every female in the cast show her boobs, biting without resorting to 'f-bombs' every line. I've been seeing Justin Long Stripper in accepted up in a lot of films over the past few years, I figured with the right role he could break out.

Mac commercials not withstanding. This film just might put him on a fast track to the A list.

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The rest of the cast also did their jobs perfectly, this is an excellent little film with a nice message. But you don't need to buy the message to have a good time. Lewis Black is, as usual, hilarious, and Blake Lively is a fresh faced beauty. Take a couple hours and see "Stripper in accepted" film, they will not have been wasted. From the creators of Bruce Almighty and "Stripper in accepted" Liar! The film took a while to pick up from the start, at least for me seeing as I expected this was a run-along America Pie flick.

But it was slightly different-- a fun-loving slacker who finishes high school and makes his OWN college, running it accordingly. As you can expect, there's a lot of parties and hot girls in bikinis but this film tried harder than your average teen flick. All the cast delivered fantastic performances-- hire this one out with a friend, it's a bloody crack up!

I for one was very anxious to watch this movie. Though I knew it was going to be another type of movie in the style of Revenge of the Nerds, I was still impressed. There is plenty of Stripper in accepted to the fact of this type of learning and believe very strongly that it should be allowed in a "new style of schooling".

Conventional teaching methods do not always teach students what they need Stripper in accepted know or should know or want to know. This approach to teaching should be further sought out in true academic courses.

While there still was too much of the partying scenes, it obviously had to be thrown in there - for Hollywood's sake of making a comedy about college A touch unbelievable, still funny and with a killer ending. Crucial to the entire story and very surprising. Without the final scene, the movie would have been half as good. I liked this movie and it didn't have to have overly amounts of swearing or nudity or gross out jokes for it to be good.

Great crew and cast, story and even the generic typecasting of the obligatory "Hampton frat members" was well done. Far better than most comedies about first year College with no demeaning stupid jokes to make somebody throw up with. I liked it, even though it was simple The movie was even better then the commercials put on.

And believe it or not it was very very inspirational. I really think anyone who walks out of the movie at the end will be inspired one way or another. It was kinda corny at the very beginning, but quickly picks up. I laughed very hard on some parts.

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The acting is basically above average, nothing special, but better then average. I saw the trailer and read some reviews, and I had low expectations for this movie.

I was pleasantly surprised. While the plot is a little off-beat, everybody in the Stripper in accepted of this movie pulled off a pleasant flick good for many a laugh.

The writing and jokes are far more literate than I have come Stripper in accepted expect. Better yet, they are delivered with aplomb by unknown actors doing a good job, all of them. Long is from "Ed" and the new Apple computer ads. He was just coming into his own as an actor in "Ed," and he was excellent here. He's a natural in front of the camera.

Lewis Black is a social commentator who pulls no punches. Give Black an idea and let him improvise. Whether his rants and lines here are scripted or Stripper in accepted are no "Stripper in accepted." He's priceless delivering his thoughts on middle class angst. One thing about Black's delivery, his hand gestures are not those of a comedian. It just seems like he's having a conversation with you, and I think that makes him unconsciously more effective.

He has been able to talk and con his way out of every problem he encounters, but he hasn't been able to charm his way pass the college admissions board of eight colleges. His mom and dad are very disappointed that Bartleby hasn't been accepted into college. His parents think that if Bartleby doesn't go to college, he will have no future.

Several of Bartleby's friends are in the same situation of being rejected by all the colleges they applied to.

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To satisfy their parents, Bartleby comes up with an idea to start his own college with an internet site. "Stripper in accepted" convert an abandoned psychiatric facility into the South Harmon Institute of Technology. They will be the only students.

However, the web site states that we accept anyone. On the first day of school, they unexpectedly have a large number of accepted students that were also rejected by all colleges. With a million dollars in tuition money, Bartleby must make his fake college into a functioning one.

The fun begins when they design their own curriculum, make their own rules, and party all night.

My Comment The premise of starting a college without a teaching staff is a little off the wall. Since it was a fake college, Bartleby really didn't need a staff. The movie reminded me of the classic movie "Animal House", the college setting, the fraternity, lots of gags, and pretty young women.

These new college freshmen had a different notion of what the college experience was all about. The movie not only has lots of humor, it also has a good message for life. People should reach for their dream and create a passion for what they want to do in life and not settle for what other people want them to do. The Stripper in accepted was a little unrealistic, but it is only a movie.

The movie was made for the young crowd to have a little fun. Universal Pictures, Run time 1: The best thing from the American Pie "bakery.

Also concerning the appropriateness of the content I found this to be acceptable to a much larger audience than any of the previous American Pie movies. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie experience. When the movie first came out I read a number of negative reviews and ended up not going to see it while it was still in the theater I now regret that decision.

I give it two thumbs way up! Roxburyfunny1 19 August I went in Stripper in accepted this thinking Stripper in accepted gross movie with gross humor.

Telling from my first sentence I don't like that humor and this movie had it's moments but I loved it. Justin Long has really never "Stripper in accepted" comedy like this, where he's sarcastic and clever and I loved it.

The ending I really did love because It had to take itself seriously I mean how else would you end it? Yes it's another underdog story but not in your typical format and the movie wasn't their ups and downs, it was people coming together for one common goal, "Stripper in accepted" go to college where they were accepted.

The cast was amazing and yes I did laugh at loud when I didn't think I would and the laughter lasted longer then I thought to. The parents and sister played their roles well but their characters are put in when necessary.

The movie was not focused around them but at the same time they showed up when you expect and not expect them to. Blake Lively added her certain something to the movie which made it even more enjoyable, as well as B's Friends.

I recommend this movie to whoever hated those gross comedies of the last 4 years and really want something with humor and an actually story line!

Contrary to what many may believe as this movie being an "against the system" type of movie and attitude.

It is an excellent portrayal of the "system" in question and how ridiculous it truly is. The funny parts in the movie are in fact funny because they "Stripper in accepted" the truth about the world around us. Anyone who finds this movie to be unrealistic is simply denying the self evident truths about life.

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After a few months of the unemployed life, I accepted a position as an electrician in a nearby city. I got an apartment and joined yet another local gym meeting Stripper in accepted. Accepted () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. A lawyer was suspended for more than a year for accepting nude dances from a stripper as partial payment for the legal fees she owed him.