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Facial expressions gestures


It is early in the morning, and as I near the building ahead, I pull out my video camera and walk anxiously to the exhibit.

Baracca approaches the window when he sees me and sticks out his tongue as he bangs on the glass. Shana is sitting Facial expressions gestures rocks near the pond, his lips pulled back and his teeth exposed. He raises his arms and begins to clap. For my entire life, I have been interested in the abilities of Facial expressions gestures apes. I have always wondered what their behavior actually means, and how intelligent they truly are.

During the summer ofI was able to take what has become my passion a step further and study the communication of western lowland gorillas firsthand.

However, I did not expect Facial expressions gestures discover what I did. Although I have recorded many gestures before, I was intrigued by the pairing of a gesture with a facial expression. Although Shana pairs his seemingly happy expression with a gesture that is an attention-getter, it soon becomes obvious to me that he fears the duck that is approaching him.

The long hours spent with them in the forest have enriched my life beyond measure. What I have learned from them has shaped my understanding of human behavior, of our place in nature. Primates regulate their social interactions and group dynamics through several kinds of nonverbal communication, including auditory, olfactory, tactile, and visual displays.

The majority of studies of nonhuman primates have focused on vocal communication, yet it is crucial to understand the use of nonvocal communication.

Unit Categories

No study of gorilla Gorilla gorilla facial expression has been completed to date, although it has been shown in previous studies that gorillas use gestures of the limbs as a means of communication Tanner; Tanner and Byrne; Pika ; and Pika, Liebal and Tomasello A handful of studies have been completed on chimpanzee Pan troglodytes facial expressions and have shown the existence of an extensive repertoire Parr, Cohen, and De Waal Subjects in these studies used facial displays differently depending on the behavioral context Parr, Cohen, and De Waaland therefore the social situations in which facial expressions are Facial expressions gestures need to be carefully observed.

In order to fully understand why facial expressions have evolved to convey a specific meaning, similar facial expressions between closely related species must be studied Preuschoft and Facial expressions gestures Hooff It is nearly impossible to suppress facial expressions while experiencing certain emotions, but some gestures of the limbs and body may be more consciously produced, and therefore allow individuals to voluntarily express a mixture of thoughts and feelings Tanner and Byrne A facial expression communicates an emotional state of being, which, when viewed, gives the receiver an immediate impression of what the other is feeling.

As early asDarwin recognized that the actions that regularly accompany a state of mind are recognized as expressions, and that facial movements reveal the state of mind. In order to have a complete understanding of nonvocal communication, both its voluntary and involuntary aspects must be examined.

Despite the importance of both gestures and facial expressions in communication, no studies have been Facial expressions gestures that demonstrate the relationship between the two, even in humans. Ekman states that we know virtually nothing about the type of information that people typically derive from a facial expression when the expression is seen in situ, accompanied as it usually is by speech, gestural, and postural behaviors.

The use of play faces in concurrence with gestures was surveyed by Tanner and Byrne While some gestures had a low association with the play face, others had a very high association.

Hence, this study has three main goals. The first goal is to classify the facial expressions of a single group of western lowland gorillas living at the Bronx Zoo in New York. Secondly, it focuses on the important but overlooked relationship between gestures and facial expressions and the resulting actions of the onlooker. I hypothesized that western lowland gorillas would display a variety of facial expressions that change with the onset of a gesture.

Lastly, the third goal is to compare the facial expressions of two species of great apes: I hypothesized that western lowland gorillas would display just "Facial expressions gestures" many categories of facial expressions as chimpanzees.

In this study, the term gesture is used for all expressive movements of the limbs and the head as a whole that appear to be communicative through auditory, tactile, Facial expressions gestures visual signals. Ten western lowland gorillas from one group were observed at the Bronx Zoo. There were five females and five males, ranging in age from 2 years old to 28 years old. One silverback, Zuri, was present in the group. Information about each of the gorillas is given in Table 1.

It contains natural, artificial, and deadfall trees, a small pond, climbable rocks, and a rock cave whose interior is blocked from the view of visitors.

At the time of observation, rabbits, Facial expressions gestures, and chipmunks were also present in the enclosure. The entire exhibit is enclosed by a windowed area for human viewing, which allows visitors to be face to face with the gorillas.

Observations for this study were made between June and Auguston an average of one day per week for approximately six hours each visit. Videotaping was continuous, recording all social interactions between individuals. The individuals being filmed depended on the social situation, as gestures were more likely to occur during communal interactions.

Not every gorilla could be filmed each day, as some were blocked from the view of visitors. Facial expressions were performed a total of times during the period of study. These facial expressions were placed into 10 categories based on the descriptions of expressions used by Parr et al. The gorillas in this study displayed the same number of categories as have been documented for chimpanzees.

Gorillas do not display the pant-hoot facial expression, as this vocalization is unique to chimpanzees King The rolled-lip face seen in this study has not been seen in chimpanzees. Although included as an expression category, Facial expressions gestures neutral Facial expressions gestures was used as a basis for no facial expression during analysis.

Use of Gestures and Facial...

The percentage that each category occurred was as follows:. Facial expressions were performed without an accompanying gesture a total Facial expressions gestures 89 times, and resulted in an immediate visible body movement within two seconds from the receiver only 12 times. Facial expressions were performed while the individual was solitary 51 times.

Gestures were performed a total of 1, times during the period of study. Gestures were used alone 1, total times, and resulted in an immediate visible body movement within two seconds from the receiver times. The 39 types of gestures were split into three categories: Auditory gestures involve a sound not produced by the vocal cords; tactile gestures involve physical contact between the performer and the receiver, as opposed to visual gestures, which involve no physical contact but rather a visible movement.

Auditory gestures were performed alone a total of times and resulted in an immediate visible body movement 28 times; tactile gestures were performed alone a total of times and resulted in an immediate visible body movement times; and visual gestures were performed alone a total of times and resulted in an immediate visible body movement 94 times.

Tactile gestures were most likely to be followed by a resulting visible body movement Gestures and facial expressions were performed simultaneously times during the period of study. Facial expressions occurred most frequently in concurrence with tactile gestures. The facial expression changed with the onset of a gesture 91 times. A gesture used alone is more likely "Facial expressions gestures" produce an immediate visible body movement within two seconds from the receiver, although gestures used alone and facial expressions used alone produced no resulting visible body movement from the receiver more frequently than they produced a resulting visible body movement.

When a gesture and facial Facial expressions gestures are performed simultaneously, a resulting visible body movement is more likely to be seen immediately from the receiver. When a gesture accompanies a facial expression, an immediate resulting visible body movement from the receiver is more likely.

The current study examined the use of gestures and facial expressions in a single group of western lowland gorillas. There were Facial expressions gestures main goals. The first goal was to classify the facial expressions of the group, while the second goal was to examine Facial expressions gestures relationship between gestures and facial expressions.

This article aims to determine...

Finally, the third goal was to compare the facial expressions of two species of great apes: Both gestures and facial expressions are used as a form of nonvocal communication in this Facial expressions gestures of gorillas.

Gestures are used very frequently and were seen much more often than facial expressions during the period of study. Gestures tend to display either a need or a desire to another gorilla, and facilitate the social dynamics of the group.

This group of western lowland gorillas displayed Facial expressions gestures different categories of facial expressions. In the past it has been assumed that gorillas have few to no facial expressions, yet they are used often as a system of nonvocal communication. While a handful of studies have been completed on chimpanzee facial expression Parr, Cohen, and De Waalthere has not previously been a study focused on gorilla facial expression.

This study demonstrates that gorillas display just as many facial expressions as chimpanzees do, and future studies may find that other groups of gorillas display even more facial expressions than the group observed in this study.

Fridland states that there are several ways in which people can be socially alone, with their facial behavior implicitly social. We talk to ourselves and punish ourselves, Facial expressions gestures deploy facial expressions in the course of these acts.

When others are not present, we often imagine that they are. In our imagination, we engage in interactions with others who are not there, and in these situations we often display facial expressions. Although these faces are made while we are alone, they are highly communicative. In past studies, facial expressions were found to be emotion-specific.

In humans, emotions typically occur in response to an event, usually a social event, real, remembered, anticipated, or imagined Ekman As facial expressions are outward manifestations of changes that have occurred and are occurring internally Ekmana "Facial expressions gestures" exhibiting a facial expression while alone may be experiencing an emotion. There were no other gorillas near at the times when this occurred; something must have been occurring internally, something that was mentally driven.

Gestures used alone resulted in an immediate visible body movement from the receiver more frequently than facial expressions alone. Facial expressions may not have provoked a response because they convey emotion, and one may not feel the need to respond to a display of emotion. Both gestures alone and facial expressions alone had no outcome more often than they had an outcome. This may be because the receiver was not looking directly at the performer, did not have enough information to respond, or simply did not feel the need to respond.

Gestures and facial expressions, when performed simultaneously, resulted in an immediate visible body movement from the receiver more frequently than either gesture alone or facial expression alone. This may allow the receiver to better understand the performer and facilitate communication between individuals.

The receiver has more knowledge when both a gesture and a facial expression are performed, and can respond accordingly. Facial expressions gestures might illustrate a relationship between involuntary and voluntary modes of communication. Gestures may be linked more closely to the social situations in which they are used, while facial expressions seem to be linked to the emotional state of being.

The current study provides many new findings significant to the study of nonvocal communication. Contrary to the belief that gorillas perform few, if any facial expressions, this group displayed 10 distinct categories of facial expression, the same number displayed by chimpanzees.

Previously, no studies had surveyed the relationship between gestures and facial expressions, although they are used simultaneously quite frequently. In the future, many more Facial expressions gestures are needed. Other groups of gorillas must be examined in order to determine the full repertoire of facial expressions of this species. Use of Gestures and Facial Expression in Language Acquisition. A thesis. Submitted to the Department of English and Humanities of.

Objective. Students will demonstrate their ability to pick up on and understand gestures and facial expressions by performing a silent skit. Gestures and Facial Expressions. What do you need to do? Use movements of the hands, the shoulders, or the entire body to express Facial expressions gestures, sentiments.


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It is early in the morning, and as I the building winning, I pull out-dated my video camera and walk anxiously to the evince. Baracca approaches the window when he sees me and sticks out his tongue as he bangs on the glass. Shana is sitting on rocks near the pond, his lips pulled back and his teeth exposed.

He raises his arms and begins to clap. For my entire life, I have been interested in the abilities of great apes.


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Facial expressions gestures

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