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Get a guy to kiss you


He loves his work and maybe even has a cute dog. He really seems to get you, and the two of you have made a connection on a level you never expected over just a few dates. So far, each date has ended with a cordial, but undeniably awkward, hug or other friendly gesture far removed from what you really wanted — a kiss. Does he just see you as a friend? Does he not feel the same way as you? Are other women still in the picture? For him to kiss you, things have to be intimate.

You can jump on him Get a guy to kiss you tickle him playfully when the two of you are having a cute moment.

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Once close to a man, you can make things happen. The temptation, in this moment, will be to look away. Especially from a close distance, eye contact generates fast tension that can be very intimidating.

If he breaks it, you can repeat it later, until he gets the hint. Similar to the lip bite, the triangle gaze requires you be close to him in Get a guy to kiss you playful or intimate way while you establish eye contact.

Rather than biting your lip, move your gaze between each of his eyes and his lips, i. Some women find the triangle gaze less intimidating than the lip bite because the eye contact involved is slightly less intense. It might sound odd, but asking him to kiss you when done in the right way is powerful and VERY successful. No guy is going to know what to do with that.

The two of you are having a cute moment.

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He drops you off at your door. Gives you a hug then releases. You hug goodbye and get out. Men fear rejection just as much as you. Sometimes, the quickest way to get what you want is just to do it yourself. I rarely recommend a woman makes all the moves — or even the majority — in dating.

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By having the courage to kiss him first, you move things forward, show him how you feel and make life happen on your terms. Kissing him takes out all the guesswork. Get the physical proximity and engage him with eye contact. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

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Dedicated to your stories and ideas. A website by Thought. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! Getting a guy to kiss you on a date can be tricky. If you make the first move, it may seem like you're too easy to get. If you hold the thought and wait for him to kiss. If you want to get your guy to kiss you, just follow these 10 tips! Read this guide and you will know exactly how to make a guy want to kiss you.

You're ready to Get a guy to kiss you things into your own hands and I'm about to show you how to get a guy to kiss you the next time you see him! Perhaps.

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