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Sexual Harassment In Japan


A Japanese Cabinet minister called on Friday for a law to strengthen relief and protection for victims of sexual harassment, but stopped short of urging legal changes to make such acts a crime.

TOKYO—“Sexual harassment isn't a crime...

Victims of sexual harassment in Japan have traditionally been reluctant to speak out for fear of being blamed, but heated debate "Sexual Harassment In Japan" protests have followed the resignation last month of a top finance bureaucrat over accusations in a weekly magazine.

The official, Junichi Fukuda, denied that he had sexually harassed several female reporters, but the ministry later acknowledged he had sexually harassed a reporter and docked his pay by 20 percent for six months.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese women,...

A legal revision in required Japanese employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace but it does not prescribe penalties, and similar rules apply to civil servants. Noda stopped short of calling for sexual harassment to be made a crime, citing possible negative effects such as causing men to decline to talk to female reporters one-on-one. Finance Minister Taro Aso, 77, has drawn fire for his response to the Fukuda case, saying, for example, that the possibility Fukuda was entrapped could not be ruled out.

Aso repeated his comment on Friday in parliament but later withdrew it, Japanese media said. Aso was not available for further comment outside business hours, a finance Sexual Harassment In Japan spokesman told Reuters.

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Japan ranked among the nations rated by the Global Gender Gap report of the World Economic Forum, flanked by Guinea and Ethiopia, and down 13 places since Abe took power.

Noda, who recalled being sexually harassed herself when a young politician, said she wanted to announce steps to fill gaps in how Japan tackles the issue before parliament's session ends in June. It's not something that those who were not victims can clear up. Abe's "Womenomics" policy Sexual Harassment In Japan improve women's status had borne some fruit but more was needed, Noda said. North Korean worker files slavery complaint in Netherlands. Nissan sees profit dip as sales fall, offsetting cost cuts.

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Share 0 Tweet list. Tweets about ajw Asahi Shimbun. In-house News and Messages. A Japanese Cabinet minister called on Friday for a law to strengthen relief and protection for victims of sexual harassment, but stopped short of. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Sexual Harassment In Japan, long accustomed to enduring sexual harassment in silence, are speaking out after a high-profile scandal.

The U.S. State Department expresses...

Dozens of women working for Japanese newspapers and TV networks have been sexually harassed – many repeatedly – with government.

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